How to fix Casual Mode.

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User Info: YamagishiD

4 years ago#31
If you don't like casual mode then just don't play it. It isn't a difficult concept. It isn't like the game is forcing you to play on casual, the same way the game isn't forcing you to play on the hardest difficulty first. Why try to "fix" something that is neither broken nor mandatory?

User Info: JSusie

4 years ago#32
This is such a played out and idiotic topic. My ignore list grows larger by the day.
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User Info: AngelicLove

4 years ago#33
Kureno posted...
How to fix Casual Mode: Don't play it.

You're welcome.
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User Info: dragoonwannabe

4 years ago#34
Cpmpletely agree with both ExtremeGamer93 and GeekyDad.

I wouldn't mind the permadeath so much if I were able to save mid-battle. Going through an entire chapter only to have an unlucky critical take out a max HP unit is not my idea of good gameplay. I have too much going on in my life and too little time for gaming to replay the same idiotic battle because the RNG decided to rain on my parade.

Classic mode is what should be augmented, with incentives/unlockables/achievements.

Considering most of these so-called hardcore Fire Emblem players just reset when a character dies, I don't see what the big deal is. It's not really permadeath unless you man up and let that character die. Am I right?
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User Info: Munchkinator

4 years ago#35
I honestly don't understand why people feel like Casual mode needs to be "fixed." It offers a somewhat less stressful experience for new players or those who simply don't like permadeath, while still letting them experience the excellent character interaction and solid battle system that Fire Emblem is known for. There is nothing wrong with letting people have some choice in how they play. There is something severely wrong with telling people how they're allowed to play the game based on your preconceived notions, opinions that have no more inherent merit than those of people who like Casual mode.

You can play Classic mode. I will likely play Classic mode because that's what I'm used to. People who want to play Casual can bloody well play Casual and have fun if they want to.
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User Info: Darksta

4 years ago#36
I remember when I tried a friends FE one time. I was some chick *shrug* and I didn't really know what I was doing but got by the first map. A few maps later I did bad and a few of my guys (who I liked) Were defeated in battle. I finished the map then started the next one and realized they were gone. Stopped playing there.

Sorry, but perma death is just a turn off for me. So casual mode is fun.
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User Info: steroidz_da_pwn

4 years ago#37
One incentive to not let people die in Casual Mode is that they won't gain experience for the rest of the level.
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User Info: Nate_McCloud

4 years ago#38
There are two incentives for not letting your party members die in Casual Mode:

1. They don't gain experience for the rest of the battle.
2. You don't have access to them for the rest of the battle, so if you've lost too many units, you're still screwed. :P
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User Info: McHamen

4 years ago#39
Meowgoocat posted...
Rone8822 posted...
Also, I wonder how many of the hardcore players are actually resetting battles when they lose characters.

One thing I liked about the new X-Com game was if you went the hardcore route there was no going back, after every move the game automatically saved so resetting was not possible.

I am sure many of the classic players do this, probably a lot more than admit it and that is fine with me unless you are giving any of the casual players a hard time because if you are resetting battles when characters die you are just playing a watered down version of the casual game and there really is no "permadeath" for you.

I think having to play through the map perfectly to avoid losing units, resets or no, is quite different from paying casual mode and having no repercussions for bad play.

You have a great point, and that's exactly the reason why I'm playing Awakening in classic mode. It's my first Fire Emblem game, so the temptation to go with casual mode was pretty high, but I went with classic on a whim. I was also tempted many times to start a new game on casual mode because I kept restarting when a character died. But, I realized that the threat of having to restart the whole map made the game much more tense for me, and conversely, it made finally making it through the map with all my units alive much more rewarding.

User Info: Heero-X

4 years ago#40
This is within most SRPGs:.......
The character doesn't level up if they die in casual mode.
Classic I knew I had to reset if I made the wrong move and lost a key member for my squad. Every person you get counts.(Played something on my SNES).

Grinding is what is gonna make your day in this game regardless...unless you play it on easy.
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