never be able get play

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User Info: Darkgamer66Dark

4 years ago#1
who think they never be able get there copy

im starting think that becuse my Gamestop just got copys for sale today but the worker where holding copy or copys for himself I know he said no sold out fast that you could almost could not here him talk and also there was weakness in his voice when he said that

sorry for any misspelling my keybord skips sometimes

User Info: OmegaSol

4 years ago#2
What did I just read!?
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User Info: thatmovingbush

4 years ago#3
I think I will get mine from amazon, as my estimated delivery date has not changed. this whole situation is crazy.
Only stupid people make generalizations. No exceptions.
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User Info: Dragongod165

4 years ago#4
You accidentally some words.
"So it's a game of betrayal, then...?"

User Info: jonnovision1

4 years ago#5
OmegaSol posted...
What did I just read!?
"Reinforcements? I am the Reinforcements."
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