Pass on Counter or Wrath?

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User Info: Chocolateluverx

4 years ago#1
Please help me decide:

So, My male Avatar (+Mag/-Str) who will marry either Noire or Aversa (haven't decided yet) will produce a female Morgan. I plan to have my Morgan became a hardcore caster, either Sorcerer or Sage (depending on who I decide my wife to be-Sorcerer if I decide on Noire or Sage with Shadowgift if I decide on Aversa) who will only use tomes, and most likely a forged Aversa's Night to be more specific.

Anyways, my main question here is that the Fighter and Barbarian classes are unavailable for female Morgan, and the only skills that would be viable at all from that skill pile are Counter that comes from Warrior and Wrath that comes from Berserker. I am having a tough time deciding which would be more useful more often, and was wondering what other people would think. Note that neither are %skills.

Counter-Returns damage when attacked by an adjacent enemy.
Wrath-Critical +20 when under half HP.

As of the moment I am leaning towards Counter since my Morgan will always be healing anyways from Aversa's Night.

I also have another question:
So, if one of my Sorcerers during player's turn (my turn) attacks an adjacent enemy with Counter, and my Sorcerer is attacking with Nosferatu, does the Nosferatu healing come before or after the Counter damage?
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User Info: kukingina2

4 years ago#2
if its going to morgan then wrath aint that great because you will never see his hp drop

and you won't get hp back with counter
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  3. Pass on Counter or Wrath?

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