New to the series, couple newbie questions

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User Info: captainsqually

4 years ago#1
I'm working on getting a handle on the systems in this game but had a few questions.

First of all, on the list of equipment that a character has, on the right side of that list are number values. For example it will say something like:

Sword 35
Lance 15

What are these numbers? Are they any sort of indicator of quality, or are they something else? How do I decipher what these mean?

Second, wondering about some of the combat stats. Sometimes neighboring characters will boost my stats on an attack or defense. I will get boosts in stuff like HIt, Avo, and others. i have some idea what these abbreviations stand for and what they might affect, but does anyone have a full list of this? What determines which stats get boosted? I have seen the same character boost different stats in different encounters.

Third, about the main character avatar guy. Is it just me or does the game steer you towards being a mage or something? At first I had picked Luck as my main skill and magic as my weakness because i wanted him to fight with swords and maybe crit a lot. That was the idea. But as soon as they started talking about how I'm some sort of spellcaster, I restart because I didn't want to gimp myself with my Magic stat. Is the avatar best off being a caster or is it really pretty flexible, even in higher difficulties?

Thanks for reading all this, if you did, any help is appreciated. Trying to get a firm grip on what everything means so I can make informed decisions and try to keep everyone alive. Playing Normal/Classic with no restarts.
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User Info: HurricaneManning

4 years ago#2
1. Weapons are consumable. After that number runs out the weapon breaks and you'll need to replace it.

3. Your avatar can become any class. Since you can have an infinite amount of level ups by reclassing and going down to 1, you can eventually max stats so you can't screw your avatar up too much. Starting class can cast some magic and use swords as like a balanced type of unit.
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User Info: jonnovision1

4 years ago#3
1) those numbers are the weapon durability, after you run out the weapon is gone

2) that's the support bonus, IIRC Hit=accuracy, Avo=evasion, Crt=critical chance and dodge (forgot what it was abbreviated as) =critical evasion, you get support bonuses from surrounded allies, you'll get more for higher support ranks.

3) the avatar's base class is meant to be a jack-of-all-trades, he can use swords and magic equally well, while that class remains good, you have the option to change into anything your gender would normally have access to with a Second Seal, providing a more focused role.
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User Info: scigeek101

4 years ago#4
The weapon numbers are their durability and when the numbers hit zero your weapons break.

Standing next to other characters while attacking boosts your stats temporarily. Avo=Avoidance CRT=Critical Hit=Hitrate.

You can tap the icons and stats on the touch screen to bring up an explanation of what they do.

I like MU as a Mage, but I don't think the game really forces you into one archetype or the other, except on Lunatic.
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User Info: captainsqually

4 years ago#5
Great answers so far, thank you!

I thought of something else.

How useful, exactly, is the pair up ability.

I just played the mission where it becomes available, and it didn't seem to be of much use to me in that mission. Basically, it reduces the number of attacks I can perform because a unit goes into a supporting role, but that unit is protected, and also boosts the stats of the lead unit in the pair, am I understanding this right?

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User Info: MIssDeviling

4 years ago#6
In the beginning, Pair Up doesn't seem too useful (especially on Normal Mode), because the stat gains are minimal and you lose an active unit. But, later down the road, the boosts get larger and can make quite a difference. For some units, they seem less viable without Pair Up, perhaps because they're too slow and require that extra speed from, say, Lon'qu or Gaius, or need a couple more defence points to be an unbreakable wall (like Stahl). Also, Pair Up reduces the headache of having to figure out which units can support which. They just stick together for the rest of the chapter and will continue to support.

I did my Normal Mode with Pair Up always, and it made the game very smooth for me. When you get some higher levelled units with good stats, try comparing Pair Up with those to a low-levelled unit that you never trained. You'll see the difference. I'm not sure how Normal Mode is without Pair Up, but I've seen it done and it looks possible as well. I just didn't feel like I needed all these units standing around when they could be giving stat boosts instead.
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  3. New to the series, couple newbie questions

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