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User Info: ryonosuke_san

4 years ago#1
So is anybody playing on casual mode, but treating it like classic mode and not allowing your characters to die?

like, If they do die, you reset and try again from your last save with a better strategy? Or is it just me? I like the difficulty of trying to clear the map without sacrificing your units. But I love the ability to save in the middle of a battle and retry from the beginning of that turn when things go south, instead of having to redo the whole battle.

And is this what casual allows me to do over classic, or was I just misreading the description it had. Of how casual adds the ability to save during battle (or does classic also allow you to do this and let you restart however many times you need from your last quick save?)
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User Info: Toberone

4 years ago#2
How redundant.

User Info: Zarb132

4 years ago#3
I've been doing that. I'd rather not let my strategy making get rusty.

And in Classic, I don't think you can battle save. Like, at all.

User Info: Leanaunfurled

4 years ago#4
You can bookmark in Classic, but that's it, I believe.
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User Info: helldew

4 years ago#5
you cant battle save just classic suspends. IMO i dont mind replaying a map a few times anyways.
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