So...who's died in your run so far?

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  3. So...who's died in your run so far?

User Info: Jitunu321

4 years ago#31
No one on chapter 8 hard. I did reset like twice on chapter 5 though

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

4 years ago#32
I don't see how you guys can reset all the time unless it's someone you really, really like. Seems like a pain in the ass to redo maps.

That said, got the game today. Reached the boss of the first Paralogue and learned why it's best to be patient and hoard all your guys next to him before attacking/getting into his range. I guess I didn't think he could kill me in two hits, but RIP Stahl. I was starting to like him too.

If Vaike had died though, I probably would have restarted.
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User Info: bleachedsnow

4 years ago#33
Practically everyone but Frederick, but I'm playing on Hard/Casual. I was going insane in the other FE games because I'd have to reset every time a unit died. I'll do a Normal/Classic run eventually.

User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#34
I sacrificed everyone to Grima on Lunatic to bum rush him haha
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User Info: jnethery

4 years ago#35
Maribelle and Cordelia. Don't remember what happened with Maribelle, but it was during the map I got her or the next one, and Cordelia I lost to an archer I didn't notice (also on the map I got her, I believe). I have several others I would let die too as they are lagging too far behind and I don't think I have any characters left for them to marry either... Frederick, Stahl, Gregor and Kellem.

User Info: fayehinto

4 years ago#36
Pretty sure most of my team would be dead.

People die a lot on me for stupid reasons...

User Info: Icewitch

4 years ago#37
Sumia - 1 shot in the first map I had control of her
Gaius - I killed him because I didn't know how to recruit him
Maribel - Don't remember where she died... maybe Chapter 5 or 6? Pretty soon after getting her.
Cordelia - Died in chapter 9, was trying to get her some exp since I hadn't used her yet
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User Info: seikenflash

4 years ago#38
Killim or however you spell it

User Info: Supes36

4 years ago#39
I usually dont reset, so far the casualty list is

1. Rikken, I was not paying attention and left him in a bad spot.
2. Libra, He got swarmed to hard in his first map.
3. Nowi, she got hit by a BS crit.
4. Maribelle, this one just happened, and I was tempted to reset because shes MU wife but since I had Morgan already I just trudged on, it pissed me off though, stupid Pegasus knights poppin up in all corners of a small map.
Amine Hsu Nekuchan 4 years ago#40
Puzzles99 posted...
TriforceBun posted...
For some of us, some units are too important or likable to lose without resetting the stage, while for others, we'll bow our heads in reference but keeping marching on.

I feel like this defeats the purpose of Classic mode.

All of the Elite Classic defenders scoff at Casuals because "You don't feel the PAIN of losing someone you LOVE!!" but then it's like "Oh, I just lost that loser? Meh."

The game either needs to auto-save after each death to prevent playing favorites and being able to restart, or you might as well just play Casual.

There's nothing preventing you from just not using a "dead" character in Casual mode anyway just like there's nothing to prevent Hard/Lunatic mode players from grinding their way past trivial difficulty scaling.

Okay, here we go. We can have casual, saves in battle, if characters are defeated they come back after the battle, etc, just like Casual Mode, then we can have Hardcore Mode, saves at the beginning of every turn/as soon as death is calculated, so you can't avoid death. I guess if Chrom or MU (or any necessary unit) dies you game over and it deletes your save. Then we can have 'Perfect' mode or whatever, where any character dying game overs and kicks you back to the map, so you can easily restart or do whatever you need to prepare to redo the map.

Then everyone can be happy.
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  3. So...who's died in your run so far?

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