How do you play the game?

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User Info: hurtloide

4 years ago#1
I like this series because everyone can play it differently: so my question to you... how do you play the game?
EG; I'm playing on hard difficulty, I'll only reset when 3+ more characters have died in battle (thankfully hasn't happened yet). I usually end up splitting my team into 3 smaller groups depending on how many characters are available. (Rarely would I make two groups, only when using 8- characters) and I'm a male who chose a female avatar because I just thought the story flowed better with a female tactician.

User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
4 years ago#2
Slow and Steady wins the war.
Crush everything with massive power.
Think a NEXT will save you from BETA? Think again.

User Info: fireemblembeast

4 years ago#3
I play on Classic hard, and I don't let anyone die because no. I remember when I played my first FE game, Radiant Dawn... I let like 10 people die then on easy, haha. I never really use knights and I value speed! My MU is a girl and is basically me...Except that I don't really use swords or magic in RL lol

User Info: Mayonesa

4 years ago#4
I play on hard classic with no resets. Already on my second run because the first one ended horribly in Paralogue 2. My strategy generally involves having everyone form a giant block that slowly moves across the board.
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User Info: bladedaxe

4 years ago#5
Best Defense if the Greatest Offense. Most I ever do is most units to a position where they can get attacked, then wait there. Most of the time I end up in a chocking point on the map so the enemies have no where else to go and all I have to do is heal every now and then.

Currently running through in Classic Normal. Will most likely move onto Lunatic after this one.
You get the option to skip the tutorial stuff, so you'll start right at the balls. - Jabodie

User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#6
Lunatic or Lunatic+ classic only

I reset.

User Info: Segmented Odin

Segmented Odin
4 years ago#7
I prefer to have multiple incredibly tough units that can stand on their own for a bit, and a small core group that travels the most direct path out while the independent units crush everything to the side. Core group usually has Mages/Generals (I take it slow), independents are things like Heroes, Wyvern Lords, Falcon Knights

User Info: Ame_no_Murakumo

4 years ago#8
Seeing as Awakening is the first Fire Emblem I've ever owned, I'm on Normal/Classic and will try hard after I beat normal. Reset whenever anyone dies, and I grind a lot.

Grinding/leveling is my favorite thing to do in RPGs/SRPGs and I find it to be extremely fun in Awakening.
Playing: Guild Wars 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Tales of the Abyss
Steam: KnightSaziel | 3DS FC: 5456-0205-3948

User Info: Oni_Kariudo

4 years ago#9
I see crits. 50 Damage, 100 damage, 200 damage, I laugh as pegasi explode in blood, bones and feathers for 300+. You say General, I say Crit. You say Wyvern Lord, I say Crit. You say Swordmaster, I say Swordmaster with Vantage, Astra and Crits.

I'm a berserker. I rip car doors off when I'm angry and crit innocent bystanders with my biceps.

I'm an assassin. Lethality makes me bleed newspaper print. The screen turns black, white, and red all over their corpse.

I don't need defense. I need more ways to rip your face off.

This is how I play fire emblem. I like my numbers big, I like them to hit hard, and I want everyone to SWING WITH EVERYTHING THEY'VE GOT.
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