Who did you marry?

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User Info: BrandonLogan

4 years ago#21

User Info: BobofAbyss

4 years ago#22
ChromxSully (liked Sully, thought Sumia was generic, and already married the other two)
MUxCherche (because Cherche is awesome and wyvern knights are awesome, so...)
StahlxNowi (Nice guy works well with childishness, plus dual green hair)
HenryxMaribelle (Dainty healer noble plus Henry in all his glory)
Lon'quxOlivia (Guys who's afraid of girls plus really hot dancer girl)

LucinaxGerome (Both are serious and awesome)
KjellexInigo (Flirt trying to woo the hard worker knight)
MorganxBrady (Mostly odd ones out, still like both of them a lot)
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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
4 years ago#23

Didn't really have any kind of specific plan making most of them. Only ones I went out of the way for are Avatar/Say'ri (always liked female Swordmasters), and Donnel/Olivia (mainly because I wanted to see how they did the Naesala/Leanne reference, which I'm sad they removed)
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User Info: slickvic1990

4 years ago#24
Vladimirr posted...
slickvic1990 posted...
these are mine so far:

Chrom x Sumia (just felt right, and Lucina is awesome btw)

MU x Lissa (love at first sight, and Morgan is also awesome)

Miriel x Ricken (both mages, both have oversized hats)

Donnel x Niwi (both kinda young, at least in appearances)

Cordelia x Lon'qu (was gonna have her marry MU, but ultimately held on with Lissa. still don't know why. made Lon'qu face his fear of women by going after the hottest woman in the game. no pressure.)

Frederick x Sully (thought if anyone had the strength to deal with Sully's personality, it was Fred)

Exact same pairings as me.

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User Info: Word_of_Pain

4 years ago#25
Avatar and Lissa
Chrom and Sumia
Donny and Maribelle
Lon'qu and Cordelia
Stahl and Sully
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User Info: D412kKn16h7

4 years ago#26
I'm on my second playthrough. My first was mostly experimentation, plus I never really had any use for the second generation (none were in a relationship), so this time it's a bit easier to plan out now that I know everyone's personality.

Chrom x Olivia (never had Olivia marry in first playthrough, but Inigo looks badass)
MU x Lucina (Personal preference, was a no brainer. But Say'ri or Tiki would be awesome as well.)
Long'qu x Lissa (Shy guy and attention seeking girl XD)
Frederick x Cordelia (Both seem proper, plus that brat Severa needs a strict father)
Kellam x Sully (Missed Kellam first time around, suppose Sully needs someone to boss around)
Virion x Cherche (Had Virion x Sully the first time round. Paired up story-wise so why not?)
Stahl x Sumia (Fun loving guy and a clumsy girl)
Ricken x Miriel (had use for neither of them last playthrough. Valke and Mirel was funny though)
Gaius x Maribella (Lissa was taken so this was the next best thing. Brady seems like a redhead anyway)
Gregor x Nowi (story sort of set this up, and I didn't mind first playthrough)
Libra x Panne (both rather calm, and the closest thing to a lesbian furry couple...not that I wanted that...)
Henry x Tharja (emo and class clown. Pretty much only for the dialogue)

Too bad Tiki, Say'ri and Anna can't have kids; they're some of the best women in the game
As for the children, not really sure there.

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