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Why are Fire Emblem stories so...bland

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User Info: kah

4 years ago#1
I've only played three of them (the GBA and Wii one, and now this one), and one of the things that always prevents me from finishing them or getting deep into the series is that the storylines are so JRPG ho-hum. There's a kingdom, there's a prince or princess with a sword, there's some bandits, a bad/evil neighboring kingdom. It's all been done before. Why should I care about this one?

I suppose I could forgive it if it had excellent dialogue, but 90% of the talking the characters do is inane. Even the banter between characters that is supposed to be humorous or cute feels like a middle-schooler wrote it. "Lol you left your axe back at the base! You're so silly Vaike! Lolololol!" And the support conversations - a major feature of the game - are some of the worst offenders. Like Frederick and avatar: "Let's go train. Okay we trained. Wow you are getting better now because we just trained." Scene end.

I don't get why this RPG series gets a pass at making a good storyline. Do they all just start out ridiculously dull and slow and get better? Because nothing has been even remotely compelling and I'm on battle 6 or 7.

User Info: g6260

4 years ago#2
Because its not an RPG.
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User Info: deadpool_legend

4 years ago#3
I agree the story in this one is pretty meh. Path of Radiance had the best story in my opinion and it's connectedness to Radiant Dawn is what made that one good too in my opinion. If you just played that one I can understand why you didn't like it.
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User Info: wolfei132

4 years ago#4
fire emblem games generally just start out slow. near the middle of the game it picks up, and the ending was really gripping, to me at least.

User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#5
I personally like the story.


User Info: snowflake182

4 years ago#6
wolfei132 posted...
fire emblem games generally just start out slow. near the middle of the game it picks up, and the ending was really gripping, to me at least.

QFT I loved the build up to the end game, but I gotta say the TC sounds like he doesn't like JRPG's in general, the dialogue is usually fairly campy in them.

He'd probly like obsidian written games.
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User Info: Mega_Rat

4 years ago#8
But dat CH. 9! D:
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#9
Because the inside is not like the structure?

Its so easy to generalize a story, especialy in a game with essentialy set archetype like FE, but then you see the inside and its MUCH different

For example

FE1 is a prince trying to win back his country, aided by veteran of wars
FE3 is said prince trial to recite the old Legends to fight off the return of evil empire from 1, who has assistance from his best friend turns evil because history repeat itself

FE4 has a prince who rescued his friend, which snowballed into him being declared a traitor, and sentenced to death, and then his son continued his path to clean his father's name and fight off the corrupt kingdom and politician alongside an evil church, although you can argue that the story is all about incest
FE5 is a liberation war and has an actual struggle for the army, and they actualy one of the few games that captured the "war is bad" feel

FE6 has the massive war of all the continents
FE7 is a backstory of sorts and a rather interesting take on something that is simply implied at best in FE6

FE8 has a prince and princess stopping their old friend, and there are IIRC some rebellion stuff(admitably this one is the most generic)

FE9 and 10 is actualy about a mercenary in a Kingdom Area instead of yet another prince

Yeah, all of them are actualy not that much of a blandie stuff
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#10
I enjoyed the simplicity in this game. It's not my favorite story from any jrpg but it kept me entertained. That's all that matters.
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