Why are Fire Emblem stories so...bland

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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
4 years ago#51
Gazza_teh_Fox posted...
The only thing I would suggest they improve upon is female characters. Don't get me wrong, there are some awesome women in these games. However from the games I've played/beaten (FE GBA, Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn), there are some annoying trends.
Games with a female lead (FE, Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn) can't seem to just stick with her - Lyndis is only the lead for FE's tutorial. Micaiah is only playable in 21 out of around 43 missions in Radiant Dawn, and needs rescuing 4 times throughout the game (3 times in part 1). Eirika shares lead with Ephraim starting at Chapter 8, and needs to be saved by him twice. I know little about Gaiden, so no comment.

Female characters also tend to have bad defence and rely on dodging (but of course there are exceptions). Even Meg, a knight from Radiant Dawn decked out in heavy armour, has rubbish defence. I'm not gonna question the realism of female tanks in a game where your units casually stand around, taking axes to the skull and receiving 3 damage. Just would be nice for the awesome women to not be so fragile, s'all...


User Info: cnickell

4 years ago#52
AdeptMage posted...
From: Mujika1991 | #034
kah posted...
is that the storylines are so JRPG ho-hum.,feels like a middle-schooler wrote it. "Lol you left your axe back at the base! You're so silly Vaike! Lolololol!"
Haaaaaa, For real ?? that just Describes his Personality..and if you read everything before that ..he is known for forgettting his stuff..and that makes it like a middle-schooler wrote it..Hahaha fail more please and it helps new ppl to trade..bet you aren´t in to games where character have different Personalities..Storyline are so JRPG..fore real ?? like Western RPG are better..and for the record..this is not 100% RPG game..you must have missed read something whe you where looking to buy this game..

The point is that the characters are one-dimensional and dialogue is filled with humor aimed at children

Except that:
A) Many characters have multiple aspects to their personality, and that his generalizations are due to him not yet exploring these or outright ignoring them. I enjoyed the dialogue and supports so far, and the topic creator is intentionally simplifying these conversations to put them in a bad light. It's fine if he doesn't like them, but don't be so brazen about how bad you butcher them. That's not to say that each character has a ton of depth, but I certainly found many to be interesting and certainly not one dimensional. It helps that the supports help reveal personality traits of the characters that the story doesn't.

B)The game makes use of light humor, and I'd argue that it's less aimed at children and more aimed at being slightly humorous. I have found a few things to be funny, and I certainly am not one who cares too much for childish humor.

To each their own, but I think the story's pretty good. I've enjoyed it, and I don't think I have low standards for what I consider good. Of course, this is my opinion, and it's totally possible for me to state that series that do have "great stories"(like Game of Thrones) are in fact bland and uninteresting. And that their characters bore me to death. After all, everyone has their own tastes, and that's cool.

User Info: Kurama2

4 years ago#53
FE series are some of the few games that actually have good stories+ dialogue, at least FE4 and up. Although Awakening is pretty bad in comparison.

User Info: Gazza_teh_Fox

4 years ago#54
@Super Slash
Said there was exceptions. Titania is awesome, though I feel bad that Greil thought his inexperienced son would make a better leader than her.

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#55
Gazza_teh_Fox posted...
@Super Slash
Said there was exceptions. Titania is awesome, though I feel bad that Greil thought his inexperienced son would make a better leader than her.

In fairness most of the females are awesome in their own ways

Titania is a massive exception but we have Sheeda, Lena, Cordelia, Sumia, Safy, Lakche etc

And Dancers
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it
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