How should I play my second run-through.

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User Info: DBogatz

4 years ago#1
I just finished my first playthrough of Hard/Classic with resets.

My options are:

Hard/Classic no resets: I like the no resets idea, I think it would add a lot of impact to each decision, but I found the end-game of Hard to be really boring as my OP Morgan and others basically soloed maps.

Lunatic/Casual: Lunatic seems hard enough that Casual wouldn't break it, esp. if I didn't abuse Casual and only used it as a sort of screw-up forgiveness. And I think I would like a little more challenge than hard, esp. endgame.

Lunatic/Classic: I'm kind of tempted to do a Lunatic/Classic no reset run, but I also think this might be sort of crazy...

People who have played on Lunatic, how different is it than hard?

User Info: rhys855

4 years ago#2
You could do Lunatic/Casual to get the hang of it before the real deal.

Or my suggestion do could do a Chrom, Fred Duet on Hard/Classic

Edit: On Chapter two on Lunatic The enemy already has steel and the axemen can hit 25 I think. And the Sellswords have 14 speed if i'm not mistaking.
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User Info: ZzSkitz

4 years ago#3
You'll get 1 shotted a lot on early chapters in Lunatic mode.. even Frederick can get 1 shotted in the second map by the dude with a hammer.
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  3. How should I play my second run-through.

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