This game needs a stamina system in the worst way.

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  3. This game needs a stamina system in the worst way.

User Info: helldew

4 years ago#1
If anyones ever played Soul nomad they will know what im talking about. This game right now feels like the most optimal stratagy is build OP unit then kill everything while other people are kinda used.

In case anyone's wondering the stamina system in Soul nomad basically worked like every action your units get more tired. so if you get mobbed even a really good squad (that game worked in squads not single units on the field) could be killed by being flat out out numbered due to their stats being lowered as their stamina gauge going down

anyone else think it would do a pretty good job of balancing the pair up system (both units could lose stamina) obviously the front unit more then the back. it would also be a new element they could add to units to with certain units being more powerful then others in terms of stamina.

maybe even add back in rescuing (letting rescued units rest letting them recharge faster at the expense of another unit with all the rescuing debuffs. it would give a new meaning to tankish units making them far more useful.

Thoughts? would it overcomplicated the game? or would it be an interesting dynamic etc.
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#2
Would almost necessitate a change to RNG stat growth. At least a trimming of the variation.
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User Info: PKRockin531

4 years ago#3
FE5 had a similar system, for every battle a character took part in their Fatigue would go up by 1. If their Fatigue exceeded their HP they would have to sit out the next chapter. You had to cycle out your characters early on, or basically look up the next map to see if you'd need anything specific (like someone to recruit, need a Warp user, a thief, etc.)

User Info: WestbrickIII

4 years ago#4
Fire Emblem 5 (which predates Soul Nomad significantly) has a much better stamina system: instead of penalizing your units for participating in combat, units who do too much over the course of several chapters become fatigued and need to sit out for a map, which resets their stamina.

It's a neat system, but wouldn't work in Awakening because of all the random battles / DLC. If you're looking for a challenge, Lunatic exists.
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  3. This game needs a stamina system in the worst way.

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