Okay I knew Cordelia Reminded me of someone

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User Info: RikuDragon2000

4 years ago#1

http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/78226fe6949e592df45738c45205b6f9/http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/5130/fairytail06large20.jpg Erza Scarlet

I like Cordelia more but I think thats funny
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User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#2
Took you long enough!
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User Info: MarthMoopa

4 years ago#3

User Info: Karakasa

4 years ago#4
Noticed that the moment I saw her :P

One of my friends just pointed this out too: http://i.imgur.com/X6oJ8ZX.jpg

User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
4 years ago#5
Owain's Looks + Lon'Qu's gynophobia = Guy from TotA.
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User Info: ivanhellsing

4 years ago#6
erza and fairy fail sucks so badly
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User Info: NovaWill

4 years ago#7
I'm sorry, but having the same hair colour doesn't mean they look alike or even remotely similar. And ivanhellsing, Erza is a much better developed character than Cordelia and I don't even like Erza.

User Info: Zio_Dyne

4 years ago#8
Not really seeing it. Other than omglongredhair, but then there'd be tons of characters who'd remind you of Cordelia.
Gonna go ahead and take a wild guess that it has more to do with those being the 2 redheads you've seen most recently than the characters being all that similar.

User Info: MoloMowChow

4 years ago#9
Oh man, she's anime and Cordelia is also anime!

It's like they're twins!
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User Info: PhoenixRoy-

4 years ago#10
It's the reason why I had My Unit marry her. Also probably why I favored her in my team.
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  3. Okay I knew Cordelia Reminded me of someone

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