How do we earn money in Awakening?

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User Info: Igony

4 years ago#1
As above, i am in chapter 6 but still have just 5000 gold. Why is it so?

User Info: evilvideogamer

4 years ago#2
Some baddies drop bullion of small medium and large varieties
Sell these at shops for dough
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User Info: y3kman

4 years ago#3
- Sell Bullions and those items that temporary boost your stats for one battle.
- If you're in normal difficulty, buy Reeking Boxes. Kill the Risen that shows up.
- If you're in hard or higher, do the DLC stage over and over again.
- If you have a Leif's Blade, give it to someone with high luck and kill enemies.
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User Info: MoonLightCloud

4 years ago#4
Also Despoil, basically same effect as Leif's Blade, cept you don't need a specific weapon. I'm also curious if Despoil and Leif's Blade stack (like do you get 2 separate instances of Despoil?).
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  3. How do we earn money in Awakening?

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