Why did they cheap out on the voice acting?

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  3. Why did they cheap out on the voice acting?

User Info: roadtosalvation

4 years ago#41
I don't know why people are complaining... it's not like they pulled a Mega Man X6 and not record an English VA track AT ALL so they could get the damn game out by Christmas.

User Info: Zhihark

4 years ago#42
The chracter voices are good on their own, but some of them in regards to voice-character look and parent-child voices are bleh.

Why does Donnel have a thick southern accent when his mom does not!?

User Info: DexterTheThird

4 years ago#43
The voice acting reminds me ALOT of how The World Ends With You handled voice acting, and I think it's fun. A few voiced quotables, but enough unvoiced dialogue to give you your own imagining of the character.

I'm just really happy they fleshed out every support in this game. Makes more sens that supports can happen between a vast majority of the roster. More realistic and more opportunities to see how the personalities brush up against each other.
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#44
they should've done oldschool capcom voice acting



User Info: R2BDSi

4 years ago#45
Nintendo likes to stay in the past.

User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#46
SalsaSavant posted...
1st of all, you can customize your character, and give him/her different names.
2nd, it would take weeks for some characters. Look at the sheer number of supports for MU.
3rd, keep the download small.
4th, it's a common style in RPGs.
5th, this is pretty standard for handhelds.

The first one really doesn't matter. They can easily write a script where your characters name is never directly said, DQ8 for example. The entire game has VO's and they address the PC all the time without ever saying his name in a natural way. It's actually probably surprisingly easy to write a script like that since how often you directly say someone's name in casual conversation once they are actually in the room with you? Less then you might think ;p

Besides that you pretty much summed it up.
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User Info: EpsteinBarr

4 years ago#47
Voice acting is overrated.

User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#48
They would have to cut the ability to change your name, have a silent protagonist, or have some kind of generic term to refer to the MU. Any of those would cut immersion more, IMO.

And that's just what would need to change to voice the main story. All the supports would probably take up way too much space. Think about it: 6 MU VAs, who support with EVERYONE. That alone is probably far more than the amount of voice acting that would be in the main story.

If we fully acted the story and not the supports, people would have the same complaint and have more justifications.

It's best to leave it as is.

User Info: impossible2beat

4 years ago#49
RyoKaiba posted...
It's rather impressive for a handheld. If you don't realize that then... well, no helping you.

what are you talking about, Persona 4 Golden has 20 times more voice acting than this gameat the minimum, its not even close

User Info: soma5

4 years ago#50
I agreed with TC. The sounds and things the characters say when they talk feels...odd. Especially when it's completely out of context with the text. While perhaps they couldn't fit EVERY conversation on the cartridge, they could have had least the story scene fully voice.
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