I really hate it when...

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User Info: Arrei

4 years ago#11
Kantonoso posted...
p1793a posted...
I hate the criticals in these new FE games.
They should bring back the ones from Sacred Stones etc. that had teleporting/flips/waytoomuchspinning.

Please no.

Final Fantasy has taught me one thing: too much emphasis on flashy things directly detracts from the gameplay. When it gets to the point that you deliberately avoid stronger actions (or in this case, equip lower % crits) just to make things flow better, then the game is freaking broken in a bad way. (At least Disgaea has the option to turn animations off for particularly long skills... but FE shouldn't need this.)

Those animations weren't long because they were in 2D, but imagine. Look at Radiant Dawn's Stun animations for Falcoknights, for instance. Now ADD a reasonable (and not just "LOLSPEED" like in the 2D ones) lance spin to that. Do you really want to make it that long?

Fairly good point. I remember the Black Knight segments in Radiant Dawn started to wear on the nerves after watching him do Eclipse for the hundredth time.

That said, I'm fairly certain they could, if they chose to do so, make flashy animations that still don't take very long. Ike's Aether and Sentinels' Impale are good examples.
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