Who did you have your MU marry?

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  3. Who did you have your MU marry?

User Info: zeldamario24

4 years ago#41
Iffy_Jottere posted...
I married Panne, reclassed her as a thief / assassin, and we kick the most butt out of anyone in the whole army. Those assassin criticals are insane!

Nice! I married Virion to her for some reason. I honestly don't know why.
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User Info: kissmahbutt

4 years ago#42
I'm in the "Female Avatar married Chrom" club as well.

User Info: ChildishHero

4 years ago#43
Wow, I feel really dumb. I married Anna because I found her ridiculously hot. It's my first play through so I had no idea about all these repercussions that would go down until I read this.
Oh well, I sleep well knowing me in the FE universe gets Anna.

User Info: Grayjack72

4 years ago#44
Cordelia. I think she's beautiful and I love redheads. I like my kids too.
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"

User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#45
"You're gonna get shown the door, old man."

User Info: KGTrigger

4 years ago#46
Anna for my first playthrough (hard). I'll probably go with Cherche for my second (lunatic).
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User Info: darkbookmage

4 years ago#47
Tiki and my MU made a little green-haired girl. I wanted a little dragon baby with a mom who had seen millennia. Little did I know that that little girl would soon start laying waste to all in her path.
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User Info: FujisawaSensei

4 years ago#48
Miriel on my first run. Second run I switched to a female MU and I'm eyeing godly Donny.

User Info: alatreon789

4 years ago#49
Cherche. She love her pet so she must be kind to animals.
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User Info: Brewed_

4 years ago#50
I had my MU marry Lucina. I love her character, and their relationship is more involved in the story, plotwise. It also helps that their Morgan is a little bundle of walking destruction. :D
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  3. Who did you have your MU marry?

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