Poll on Marriage

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User Info: Patriarch105

4 years ago#11
I think that it's a poor choice. It pretty much requires you to research the game to have better kids.

Maybe if something similar took it's place but not this.
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User Info: Scirel

4 years ago#12
PoR/RD had the worst supports/endings ever. Only about a handful of people had support endings, and in one of those two, there weren`t even support conversations.

I like this system, and I`d like to see it more in-depth in future games. The support endings were some of my favorite parts of the GBA games.

It would take a lot of work, but it would be cool if you could choose between a "friend" set of supports between two characters, and another one that would lead more to a romance. You could have an unlimited amount of "friend" supports, but only one person in a relationship at a time( IE if they die, you can pick someone else).
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