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User Info: metrokard

4 years ago#1
can any character marry anyone from the opposite sex and still have a kid? or are there only certain marriages that give you a kid?

User Info: MyzticRedPanda

4 years ago#2
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User Info: jonnovision1

4 years ago#3
all of the characters that can marry will end up with a child regardless of who they married, the only exception is when children marry other children.
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User Info: metrokard

4 years ago#4
well i found this list is this like how the marrage is supposed to be? or is this suggested marrage list

User Info: Kouban

4 years ago#5
Each child is attached to a character. When THOSE characters marry, the marriage results in a child or children. If characters that don't have a child attached marry(IE Second gen characters marrying second gen characters), there will be no children.

User Info: metrokard

4 years ago#6 opps sorr forgot to post the image

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