I hate this genre of RPG

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User Info: Is_Corrupted

4 years ago#11
IceWindRyu posted...
Segmented Odin posted...
Well, what exactly do you find overwhelming and boring about the genre? Have you ever played a previous Fire Emblem, and if so did you enjoy it?

I haven't, and I'm not really sure to be honest. Just...the preparation maybe? Like, I've tried to get into FFT for years, but my God, hiring people, and changing their classes and skills, etc, just gets to be too much of a hassle for me

You don't need to reclass on normal or hard. The most preparation there is is giving your units weapons when theirs are running low/breaking. Aside from that there's unit placement before a chapter, which takes maybe an entire 20 seconds.
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User Info: Agent_Xoa

4 years ago#12
That's nice. It's my favourite type of RPG, but I really get into devising plans and setting up teams.

I doubt you'd immediately love this game if you hate SRPGs, although this is a extremely good SRPG when compared to others, and is rather fast paced compared to others in the genre as well. I'd recommend the demo and playing through normal & hard mode to help you decide.
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