Marriage Poll: Day IV - Cordelia

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User Info: zeldamario24

4 years ago#11
Me, obviously.
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User Info: FallenTrepie

4 years ago#12
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User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#13
I married Cordelia because I liked her appearance, her diligence and loyalty. However, her S-Support felt really hollow because it made me feel like I was a cheap replacement to Chrom especially when she decided to omit the fact that he was her first love near the end and said stuff like 'oh I accept your marriage proposal' and 'I love you more than anyone else' in a way that I found to be half-hearted.
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User Info: CyberSturm

4 years ago#14
I had her marry Stahl.
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User Info: Wafflechips

4 years ago#15
Made her marry Vaike for the lulz. Also because blonde Severa with beast stats.

User Info: bodrock

4 years ago#16
Haven't quite decided yet -- I wanted her for MU until I read her bio....and found out she was talking about him whenever she mentions a 'him'. I understand her longing, but man, I don't think I could marry that girl! ;p

User Info: Raltrios

4 years ago#17
Very, very tempted to have my MU do that S-rank support right now. Had a look and it did indeed feel a bit hollow. But... I want to wait and see how Lucina's relationship with the MU looks before I decide for certain.

I want Cordelia, but I want her to stop thinking about Chrom, dammit...!

Maybe the beach DLC will allow for a stronger bond?
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User Info: keiferj0415

4 years ago#18
My Avatar and Cordelia are now happily married with two children.

User Info: crazycolorz5

4 years ago#19
Donnel... Severa with Aptitude is just... too good to pass on. She literally kills everything in her path and more.

User Info: Brady672_AT_fan

4 years ago#20

I wanted to promise him I will be nice to him :) I felt so bad for him...
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