Which Awakening character will be your valentine?

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User Info: Ivynn

4 years ago#1
Post to find out! The "seconds" counter determines your valentine.

00. Chrom
01. Vaike
02. Maribelle
03. Miriel
04. Panne
05. Gaius
06. Your current MU
07. Cynthia
08. Gerome
09. Nowi
10. Tharja
11. Morgan (F)
12. Morgan (M)
13. Sumia
14. Lon'qu
15. Laurent
16. Owain
17. Inigo
18. Lucina
19. Severa
20. Lissa
21. Yarne
22. Cherche
23. Olivia
24. Sully
25. Stahl
26. Cordelia
27. Kjelle
28. Donnel
29. Frederick
30. Libra
31. Brady
32. Say'ri
33. Henry
34. Ricken
35. Virion
36. Anna
37. Gregor
38. Noir
39. Nah
40. Tiki
41. Basilio
42. Flavia
43. A Risen
44. Emmeryn
45. Phila
46. Naga
47. Old Hubba
48. Gangrel
49. Aversa
50. Grima
51. Validar
52. Yen'fay
53. Walhart
54. The Pontifex
55. Mustafa
56. "Marth"
57. Vincent
58. Victor
59. Kellam

User Info: Gatordan2004

4 years ago#2

User Info: Segmented Odin

Segmented Odin
4 years ago#3
I'm gonna cry when I get Sumia.

I don't even like pies.



Looks like today I am going to be learning a lot about Wyverns.


User Info: FujibayashiSuzu

4 years ago#4
Oh dear one of these? Well... why not.

User Info: BobTDonut

4 years ago#5
This should be good.


I take back what I said. >.<

User Info: Ndayday

4 years ago#6

User Info: marsgreekgod

4 years ago#7
This will end badly

User Info: raindroproses

4 years ago#8
Whoever it is, I'll be ditching them for Chrom :)

User Info: 7HP

4 years ago#9
I will probably regret this. Oh well!

User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#10

...Darn it. Got Basilio.
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