Your favorite female and favorite male from this game?

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  3. Your favorite female and favorite male from this game?

User Info: King_Janaff

4 years ago#1
Female - Lucina.
Male - Stahl.
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User Info: EchoPhoenix

4 years ago#2
Male - Gregor
Female - Morgan

User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#3
Discounting Avatar? Lon'qu and Lucina.
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User Info: Tanis_sinaT

4 years ago#4
Nowi and Henry.
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User Info: 1998_z

4 years ago#5
Female: Cordelia, she's perfect. Too bad she don't have a chance with Chrom :(
Male: Inigo, he's pretty interesting.

haven't played the game yet
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User Info: Alucard188

4 years ago#6
Male: Owain
Female: Morgan
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User Info: Col_Mobius

4 years ago#7
There are a lot of really awesome male characters: Gaius, Owain, and Gregor all own. I'll go with Owain if I can only have one.

For the women, I think Cordelia looks the coolest, but Tharja is the coolest. So I'll take Tharja. Noire is also kind of great.
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#8
Female - Severa
Male - Lon'qu
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User Info: Spiega

4 years ago#9

User Info: danny5329

4 years ago#10
Lon'qu & Cordelia
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  3. Your favorite female and favorite male from this game?

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