Best way to play Fire Emblem?

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User Info: jojo319

4 years ago#1
With all of the options, what is the best way to play? I have NOT played any of the others, but I am familiar with the basic style (Played a lot of Advance Wars). Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: Kantonoso

4 years ago#2
A lot of people advise powerlevelling a few people and leaving the rest in the dust.

This cheapens the game a LOT, as you can throw one uber unit out and let them tank entire waves of enemies that rush them.

If you want something more akin to advance wars in strategy, try to keep your units more equal. At least 10 or so, your overall entourage does get big and you can ignore a lot of them.
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User Info: Orphane

4 years ago#3
I would just suggest you try classic and casual and then just play whichever one you enjoy the most. There's no objectively *best* way to play Fire Emblem.

User Info: jojo319

4 years ago#4
Thanks! What about starting? Easy? Normal? What about classic vs casual? I'm looking for opinions mostly :)

User Info: GeekyDad

4 years ago#5
Best way to play? Stay away from the forums. Truly, the first time fresh will never be this magical again.

And Classic. Always Classic. It ain't Fire Emblem if the dead/fallen don't stay dead/fallen. Personally, I think Awakening's "Hard" is about equal to Normal for most other FE games, so I'd say try that first. Don't be afraid to sacrifice units. Death happens.
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  3. Best way to play Fire Emblem?

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