Where are the third tiers?

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User Info: 578t7645uyb5

4 years ago#1
Only briefly playing the GBA Fire Emblems and full-on beating Radiant Dawn, I noticed that RD had third-tiers which I thought was really cool.

But they aren't in this game, I wonder why?
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User Info: Arrei

4 years ago#2
Because Radiant Dawn didn't have class changing, and was long enough that 40 levels wouldn't be enough.

User Info: MAtt5TER

4 years ago#3
Notice that the traditional S rank weapon rank is gone as well?

Because FE:A2 is coming.
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User Info: VeonVoid

4 years ago#4
Also the stat cap is higher in Awakening than Radiant Dawn. For example:

Radiant Dawn Trueblade (Max Stats)

HP: 55
Str: 32
Mag: 20
Skl: 40
Spd: 40
Lck: 30
Def : 26
Res: 24

Awakening Swordmaster (Max Stats)

HP: 80
Str: 38
Mag: 34
Skl: 44
Spd: 46
Lck: 45
Def : 33
Res: 38

User Info: Kalanyr

4 years ago#5
The answer is pretty simple.

Lets take the Sword wielders tree as an example.

-> Tier 3 Swordmaster Promote
-> Swordmaster
Myrmidom -> Tier 3 Assassin/Swordmaster Promote
-> Assassin
Thief -> Tier 3 Assassin/Rogue Promote
-> Rogue
-> Tier 3 Rogue

That's 4 extra classes.

For a single class tree it would be 3 extra classes.

And that's assuming the keep the semi-overlapping promotion instead of make the 3rd Tier more specialized (which would result in a truly ridiculous amount of classes).

User Info: Kalanyr

4 years ago#6
Sorry about that mess up there. Its supposed to be a proper tree but apaparently GameFaqs has missed the memo that part of the point of the code tag is to preserve white space as well as be monospaced.
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