Help on Chapter 22? *spoilers maybe*

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User Info: bleachedsnow

4 years ago#1
I've finally reached chapter 22, only to find that the WHOLE MAP IS FILLED WITH LEVEL 15 PROMOTED CLASSES WITH FORGED WEAPONS. Even on Hard/Casual, I'm worried for Chrom and MU. Seriously, more than one attack actually lands, or a lucky crit and game over. What strategies did you use to get all those yummy legendary weapons? Did you even fight all of those cult people? Can you recruit Aversa in this chapter? I heard she was recruitable. Also, I've only unlocked Morgan for a child character because I'm silly and trying to fill up the entire support log.

User Info: Anyroad2

4 years ago#2
You have to play with their weaknesses.
Make sure you have a good Tome and Bow user, Armorslayer... ect.
You cannot recruit Aversa. She'll be recruit-able later on in a DLC.

I think I basically huddled my team together and waited for the baddies to move closer to me before I ganged up on the ones that I could to take them out.

If that still doesnt work, then you could always come back once your chracters are a little more powerful.
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User Info: BigMeatyClawz

4 years ago#3
This map was a welcome break from being swarmed by a bunch of dudes. Just lure out the left enemies group first, and kill them. Then do the same for the right, but I think the top group will start moving too so watch out for them.

You can't recruit Aversa in this chapter.

User Info: bleachedsnow

4 years ago#4
Ah, thank you for your advice. Indeed, the past few chapters have been very annoying, with reinforcements spawning everywhere and probably infinitely. I wasn't able to reach all the treasure chests in the past few chapters because there were so many of them. Managed to get a pair of Boots though. Hope I didn't miss any others.

User Info: NeoMillennium

4 years ago#5
The first time I encountered them, I used Mire to take out two on each side. This made it easier to finish both sides of with the rest of your units as they do not engage until you go into range.
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  3. Help on Chapter 22? *spoilers maybe*

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