Just heard from a nintendo rep why the game still isn't in stock

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User Info: Anyroad2

4 years ago#21

I have an eShop copy and I've beaten it. I never really noticed any frame rate issues that I can remember... if the frame rate did have issues it wasn't glaring enough to take notice of.

Hopefully Nintendo takes Fire Emblem for the West more seriously now. You know... like bringing over every Fire Emblem title from Japan.
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User Info: Aquatrez

4 years ago#22
I emailed Nintendo a couple days ago about the availability of the game and they said they're definitely still actively printing copies.

User Info: SlashReturns

4 years ago#23
I call shenanigans
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
4 years ago#24
I don't buy this at all.

The fact that an Eshop version exists, when said version obviously wouldn't have this "chip" , is pretty good evidence against the whole idea. Either the Eshop version would be noticably worse and there'd be lots of complaints about slowdown, or the chip makes little difference and they could do without it. And they would do without it if they could, something that takes 3 weeks to make would probably also be costly.

Plus, the idea that a console thats barely a year old is already requiring "supplemental" hardware installed in games to work properly is pretty laughable.

Something taking 3 weeks to make is pretty suspect too. This day and age, I don't see anything like a simple chip taking that long to produce. Though admittedly thats pure assumption, I don't really know much of anything about production of electronics.
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User Info: BlueSophia

4 years ago#25
Chips certainly do not take that long to manufacture.

Also, a little bit of knowledge about internal mechanics go a long way. Shaders and frame rates may be set by the game, but all of the hardware is on the 3DS and it stands to reason, your game is just hard memory. Said game card's interior has no bearing on how well it renders because it is just a lump of data stored on a specifically designed medium.

In other words, this topic is a lie.
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User Info: stok3d99

4 years ago#26
JediMasta12 posted...
My girlfriend works at Gamestop and they got a visit from a Nintendo rep this morning. They said that the game was discontinued because every cartridge contains this chip that is supposed to increase the frame rate, and said chip takes about three weeks to make.

Whether you want to believe this or not is up to you. Nintendo reps have been wrong before. Not to mention that discontinuing a brand new game that is still in high demand is a pretty terrible move.

too bad frame rates aren't determined by the cartridge. and nintendo wouldn't give a seller that much detail as to a delay. lies.

User Info: jmratkos

4 years ago#27
I can't believe some of the garbage that people post on the internet just to get attention (especially when it's quote unquote, heard from a friend of a neighbor's roommate that knows a person that used to go to school with the girlfriend that works at [x] store :P

the long and short of it is that NOA did not anticipate it to sell as well as it did and underproduced the title for launch. by the time that all of the pre-orders were in, it was already too late to produce enough extra copies to satisfy the demand.

*ALL* games for the DS and 3DS systems are manufactured by NCL (nintendo corporate limited) in japan and as such, each title (regardless of region and/or publisher) is entered into a queue to be manufactured.

if a title does better than originally anticipated (or when the last produced allotment is close to selling through), new orders are created and queued up to be produced. how quickly the game is manufactured depends on the number of factors, like how many titles are in the queue in front of [that particular title] and whether or not the all of the components necessary to manufacturer the game are available.

certain titles like the animal crossing: new leaf, require special or additional base components, and if those parts are not available from nintendo's suppliers, then the lead time to manufacture the game increases.

and while I don't believe that fire emblem: awakening requires any special ram or faster speed package for the component, given that the 3DS is the best selling console (home or portable) in the world, nintendo has probably been very busy in trying to keep a steady flow of not only it's 1st party titles, but also all of the 3rd party games as well.

3rd party companies like ubisoft, ea, capcom, etc... have to pay up front for their batches of games that nintendo manufacturers for them. so, just because nintendo needs to manufacturer more copies of the games that they've developed and distribute, does not necessarily allow them to "jump" the queue over their paying licencee's

User Info: Kabuto_Y

4 years ago#28
Well done. 10/10.

User Info: Crimson Flames

Crimson Flames
4 years ago#29
another poster says there are tons in stock.

I checked gamestop for availability information, used California and irvine and many locations have it in good quantities...

I'm from Canada, so I'm hoping this is good news for us up here!
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User Info: Muppet Vader

Muppet Vader
4 years ago#30
Actually, the "chip" manufacturing and the long winded post about queues are both wrong.

The reason the game didn't ship to date was because the manufacturing plant in Japan had a major breakdown during the manufacturing of this game. Two thirds of the manufacturing stations for this title were shut down and only one pressing station was available to make this particular title.

What Nintendo did was to push to get all the pre-ordereds filled on time (which it wasn't able to do in all cases) on the last pressing station while it repaired the problem with the two non-functioning stations.

Once the malfunction was sorted, they pressed and released the original amount of games intended, albeit at a later date.

Or, not.
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