Accidentally failed to recruit *spoiler

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User Info: Kropis12

4 years ago#1
Gangrel. I thought you only needed to talk to him once and then kill the boss. Now, I saved without getting him. Any way fo redo that?

User Info: Luminozero

4 years ago#2
It's Vaike time!

User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#3
Why would you rhink you only need to talk to him once?! They turn blue when they join you.
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User Info: mada7

4 years ago#4
I didnt even realize until this topic that he could be recruited. I dont consider him to be much of a loss though probably the least interesting bad guy in the game
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User Info: The Hero Of Time

The Hero Of Time
4 years ago#5
To be fair, he actually does get some more characterization in his supports with the Avatar.

And the notion of a character being recruited by having them survive the previous chapter despite not turning to your side in the actual battle isn't exactly a new idea (Douglas from FE6, Nasir and Gareth in FE10, Dart in 7 if you did the sidequest spring to mind), even though it's not the case with Gangrel.
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