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Best of Frederick moments, post here.

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User Info: MasterShot2k5

4 years ago#1
So here I am on the mad king boss fight, restarted it 10 times because of lost units.

So, Frederick is in the presence of 2 wizards with 21 hp.

A wizard casts on him, he is down to 10 hp, me?

Me: Oh no....

The other wizard casts on him, he is down to 1 hp Oh no....

A wyvern knight approaches him while he is down to 1 hp.

Me: Ohhh no oh nononononono

I skip it because I don't wanna witness this, and Frederick took no damage and killed the knight.

Oh that's right, he is Frederick.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#2
Pick a god and pray!
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User Info: ObtuseAngina

4 years ago#3
A Frederick moment happened to me,
The boss of a map, proceedes to kill 2 of my units (Lissa and the wind Mage boy)
Then thought it was a good idea to go after Frederick .
What happens is he attacks Frederick with his axe and does little or no damage
Then I hear
"Pick a god and pray to it"
And boom Frederick one hits him with a critical and wins the map for me.
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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#4
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User Info: arvilino

4 years ago#5
Chapter 21, Lunatic, I was having troubles fielding everyone(Morgan and Olivia would get one shot). Had an idea and removed everyone but Chrom and Frederick(A-rank support, Frederick had Dual Guard+), Paired Fredrick with Chrom(Paladin and with the Chapter 17 boots).

Flew through the chapter on a bee-line straight to the boss having Chrom moving 11 square per turn killing everything in his path with Chrom with Javelins, Aether and Dual Attacks(with a Silver Sword) from Frederick, surviving on evasion, Dual Guard and Aether's healing.

User Info: SorrySleeping

4 years ago#6
I had a Frederick moment. I dropped him and had Stahl and Sully be the tanks for me team.
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User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#7
SorrySleeping posted...
I had a Frederick moment. I dropped him and had Stahl and Sully be the tanks for me team.

Good luck doing that on Lunatic/+
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User Info: free3keys

4 years ago#8
Chapters 1-4 on Lunatic: ALL the Frederick moments!

User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#9
Frederick has spent my entire lunatic playthrough so far hugging MU's ass and keeping him from death.
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