Best FE to date?

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User Info: Bufkus

4 years ago#21
Second best. Nothing will ever dethrone Thracia 776.

Maybe I should explain why, as someone who's played every FE game, I like Awakening. Here goes:

1) difficulty is a non-factor to me. FE games can and should be enjoyed however you want to. In Awakening's case, this is a game, like Gaiden, Sacred Stones, and TearRing Saga, that was meant to be grinded, not speedrun'd, and in that aspect, it succeeds quite a bit.
2) Awakening has far more actual content than any other FE game. The bonus box stuff, spotpass, streetpass, barracks, etc., All of this adds fun to the game.
3) The game has clearly evolved in terms of graphics and interface. All are improvements over previous games.
4) The story is nothing to write home about, but no FE game since 4/5 had a compelling story anyway.

That leads me to enjoy this game quite a bit more than any recent FE game.

User Info: slickvic1990

4 years ago#22
for me personally, yes, its the best FE to date. I just loved everything about this game. Probably my favorite 3DS game as of now. It'll probably stay that way too, unless Nintendo makes a Majora's Mask 3D
My GOTY 2013 (so far): Fire Emblem Awakening

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