Take a FE:A quote and add in my pants to it

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User Info: Twenty0ne

4 years ago#91
I don't like ouchies! in my pants
M's 2014

User Info: OCShoes

4 years ago#92
The time you jumped out from that waterfall nearly gave me a waterfall in my pants!

This is an actual line from Olivia x Inigo B support.
Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself. -Charlie Chaplin

User Info: pizzaman95

4 years ago#93
This is where I sometimes put jokes, references and such.

User Info: typhone004

4 years ago#94
Maybe I should learn some new skills... in my pants.
GT: SidewaysHorizon
Tin Crystallization Catalyst of the Xbox 360 Dark Souls board.

User Info: Rone Rivendale

Rone Rivendale
4 years ago#95
Aversa: Robin already had an escape route planned... in my pants
Gamertag: FluffyMikeB. Was #1 Ein in DOA2U. SSF4 Mains: Dan, Adon.

User Info: 1998_z

4 years ago#96
Down, sword hand! In my pants!

...this has to be my dirtiest quote.
People who like Froslass and/or Swampert just like I do: 11
R - Rocket Scientist || Official Trumpeter of the SMTIV board

User Info: WTDelta1

4 years ago#97
Its been lovely in my pants. -Inigo
Be silent in my pants!- Lon'qu
Current Favorite Games: Vindictus, Assassin's Creed III, Ni No Kuni, Fire Emblem Awakening, Halo 4.

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#98
I mean, come on! Who eats bear?! You're messing with the food chain in my pants.

User Info: OmegChosen

4 years ago#99
Let's dance in my pants!

User Info: GuardianShadow0

4 years ago#100
"C'mon, notice me in my pants!"

Poor Kellam.
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  3. Take a FE:A quote and add in my pants to it

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