Rate the Skill,Chapter 10: Astra and Swordfaire

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User Info: AetherShadow

4 years ago#11
Swordfaire is arguably the best of the *weapon*-faire series, if only because of the low Mt value of swords. That and as has been mentioned before, sword users usually have damage issues... A

Astra is amazing, the fact that it has potentially (albeit not reliably) 7.5 times normal damage, it's great. Combine this with the above skill and you get an amazing unit. However, it's not as reliable as, say, Luna and Sol because of their activation rates, or Aether, which helps you survive much better and arguably has lower but more reliable damage.A

User Info: Pitbuller_26

4 years ago#12
Astra and Swordfaire both get an A rank from me.

If Astra was like it's PoR version, it would've been D rank skill, thankfully IS learned to make Astra consume only one use of a weapon.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#13
Swordfaire - A

Mostly overkill late I suppose but +5 is pretty neat

Astra - A

Was a skill that is stuck on characters who commits an unforgivable sin in both games they were in, a good character none the less, but Astra is not the major reason of their power, including that time where its pointless

Nostalgia Stuff, but now its.... Better. Low rate of getting 2,5 attack, in a sense, 5 times the power with Brave effect, crit potential esp with Forges and its now not.... Pointless anymore
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User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#14

Astra is held back by lower activation rate

More weapon damage is always good.
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User Info: BlueDryBones1

4 years ago#15
S for Astra. Its really good unless you hit someone with Counter :l
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User Info: heavylobsterguy

4 years ago#16
Astra gets an A for being the most reliable activation skill for killing. If you want a skill to boost offense, look no further. Misses out on an S since its activation rate isn't too high.

Swordfaire gets an A for giving a nice strength boost to sword units. Definitely the best faire skill since swords have the lowest might and sword units tend to have lower strength than other classes.
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User Info: NobleRoar

4 years ago#17
Swordfaire: A
Astra: S
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User Info: Vortex_of_Hope

4 years ago#18
Astra - A like the other attack skills.

Swordfaire - B all stats + 2 is better and if you have the dlc can be learned any time. The faire skills are in the same tier as vantage and breaker skills for me.
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User Info: SharperKnives

4 years ago#19
S for both

assassin is the final class sooo...yeah
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#20

statistically speaking Astra will result in higher average damage and works with all weapon types

that doesn't stop any of the given Faire skills from combining reliability with increased crit burst potential, while stacking with actives
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