Rate the Skill,Chapter 10: Astra and Swordfaire

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User Info: fueled-system

4 years ago#31
Astra- A: Can be made virtually useless on lunatic+ and on late game enemies but useful for other modes but for high crit it can be very useful

Swordfaire: B: Again another good skill but there are only so many slots

User Info: RedMageKirby

4 years ago#32
A for both. Both are great skills, but not in the amazing zone with the S ranks.
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User Info: spyke252

4 years ago#33
Astra: C, solely because counter is very prevalent in the upper difficulties.
Swordfaire: B. Would be A if ragnell was already out.

User Info: danmiy12

4 years ago#34

astra: you hit 5 times for 50% you can crit on any of those hits and also works with any weapon...only problem is that activation rate its the only downfall...but at around max skill 40-50 that's 20-25% activation <more if you double or quadruple> pretty reasonable overall...


Swordfaire: you do 5 more damage with all swords...swords have some of the lower damage potential in the game <axes and lances beat it in dps and tomes hit the usually lower enemy resist> so something like this on a sword user is always welcome...but if they don't use swords its pretty pointless thus it cant get an S...
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User Info: alexchern

4 years ago#35
Astra (S)
5-hit activation? That's awesome. Also, for people worried about Counter, first you should actually be aware who or what has counter. Second, once you learn Astra, if you're not going to end in a class that uses a sword, skip Swordfaire and use a unit with a ranged attack. Bam, arrows or magic with Astra.

Swordfaire (B)
This is nice only if you're planning to train or end characters that use swords. Otherwise, it's not exactly needed.
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User Info: King3448

4 years ago#36
A for both
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User Info: Dragrath

4 years ago#37
MetaFalconPunch posted...
guedesbrawl posted...
But i certainly would trade either of those for a Crit +15/20/30 skill, even if it's for some reason locked to Swordmasters, Bersekers and maybe Snipers. Any day.

True that.

Here's how the could have done it right...

specialist- grants +15(for mounted)/30 crit(promoted or special infantry classes) to specialist types (aka classes that are single weapon locked staffs would count as weapons for the effect) lessens effects of weapon triangle aka lose 1 less hit or might)
effect would have no effect on un-promoted units

maybe this would have made sword masters more effective...(or perhaps they could have made it a hidden passive effect so it couldn't be reclassed?)

why did they take the crit bonus away :(

User Info: ellis123

4 years ago#38
Astra: S. The low activation rate doesn't change the fact that it's one of the strongest activations you can have. Being slightly worse than Aether most of the time, an ability that really can only be on a couple of characters in the first place and is kind've supposed to be the best because of it, just shows how high up it is. It's all but a requirement on basically every offensive unit that doesn't have access to Aether, and is still pretty solid on them regardless as another thing that can activate on attacks.

Swordfaire: A. +5 Str doesn't feel like a ton, but it can sometimes make the difference between killing a unit and not, or potentially dropping an attack to only one round instead of two. It also allows for physical units to potentially get past a high Def unit if using a Mag based sword isn't an option. While not an auto-include, any class that ends with Swords as its major end weapon should definitely run this ability.
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User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#39
A and A

because saying "A-A" is against board rules because i need to TURN OFF MY CAPS LOCK.

User Info: ShadowSlash17

4 years ago#40


Great skills... Astra almost always will kill when it activates, and the potential to crit any of the hits is very nice... Skl/2 is a great activation rate imo... Having something activate every battle gets a bit boring, so I like it being in the 20-25% range... +5 Str for Swords is pretty nice too...
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