The Vaike is indeed the Vaike

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User Info: leonodo

4 years ago#1
On chapter 12, I made a mistake and moved the almighty vaike to somewhere where he could get agroed by like 20 enemies. The turn ends. I figure I'm going to have to reset but no. The Vaike dodges consecutively around 6 strikes with 90%, 8 strikes with 80% hit chance, 5 strikes with 60 % hit rate, gets hit a bit and kill almost every enemy.
RNG miracle or just the Vaike being the Vaike?
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User Info: CodeKyuubi

4 years ago#2
RNG Miracle.
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User Info: Luminozero

4 years ago#3
It was, apparently, Vaike time.
It's Vaike time!

User Info: Shadowman621

4 years ago#4
Looks like the RNGenie was looking out for you
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User Info: free3keys

4 years ago#5
CodeKyuubi posted...
RNG Miracle.

The Vaike needs no miracles. He is the Vaike after all.

User Info: teh_kyle00

4 years ago#6
"Yeah, I rule."
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User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#7
The RNGoddess was into Vaike at the time, it seems. Perhaps you could say that she... Entered the Vaike?

User Info: evilvideogamer

4 years ago#8
Looks like teach just got tenure
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User Info: xblade76

4 years ago#9
They entered the Vaike.
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User Info: Tnasty11

4 years ago#10
super Vaike
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  3. The Vaike is indeed the Vaike

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