vaike's ungodly res

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User Info: Neatherd

4 years ago#1
my vaike is currently lv 3 Barbarian (went through fighter to lv20 before reclassing)

0 res

0 res

User Info: evilvideogamer

4 years ago#2
He has a 10% res growth. It happens
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User Info: Word_of_Pain

4 years ago#3
FIghters and Barbarians aren't usually known for their resistance to magic
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User Info: Cornholioam

4 years ago#4
Fill his pockets with talismans and dracoshields, get the glass out of the cannon.

User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#5
And if you didn't get RNG "screwed" his average would be about 2. So... it's really not anything to cry about.
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User Info: Palinchron

4 years ago#6
That's the exact class progression my current Vaike has been doing. As a level 11 Barb he has... 0 Res. Hmm...
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User Info: Holy_Oblivion

4 years ago#7
My Vaike's a level 5 warrior and has 5 res o.O
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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#8
Mine has 5 currently. Noice.

But he gets so much health that it doesn't matter.

User Info: BlueSophia

4 years ago#9
Get him to Berserker and have him get married to someone who has a girl. His greatest gift is passing wrath and his stats onto someone without a bad res growth... Like Brady.
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User Info: TyrantKnight

4 years ago#10
My vaike went down this path
Fighter 10 > Barbarian 10 > Berserker 15 > Hero 10 > Berserker 5

He has 7 res.
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  3. vaike's ungodly res

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