which dlc is worth buying?

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User Info: R4M5T4R

4 years ago#1
i got the promotional free dlc. champion of yore 1 i think
i also bought champion of yore 2 just cuz i had some balance cash to purchase.
after playing the two, im not too thrilled about it.
does it get better with other dlc? or can i expect about the same from the rest?
which ones are worth buying if any?
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User Info: ScytheCFH

4 years ago#2
If you have no in-game money then i'd recommend The Golden Gaffe, just because i found it hard to get money in-game, but thats about it right now, I have Lost Bloodlines, but i haven't played it yet
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User Info: pizzaman95

4 years ago#3
If you find yourself grinding on Risen skirmishes or other DLC, I recommend the Golden Pack.

Makes getting money and EXP a whole lot easier and faster.
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User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#4
Gold gaffers gives huge amounts of gold, useful. EXPonential growth gives great exp for low levels to catch up real fast. Might as well buy the pack, cause infinite regalia is too useful for the best weapons in the game.

Then bloodlines 2 gives the Demon Fighter class and bloodlines 3 gives Paragon, which doubles the exp gain, so that should be gotten sometime. Also bloodlines 3 gives so many enemies to die, great for leveling up one character that exponential growth wont do so well anymore, since they are so high level 8 exp is all they get from the enemies there. Though Champions of Yore 3 is also good for that.

Whatever the Ike one is called for Limit Breaker which will eventually come.
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User Info: MereMare

4 years ago#5
Golden Pack
DLC that gives the Bride and Demon Fighter classes.
Legendary weapons DLC
The very last DLC
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User Info: ChromKirby

4 years ago#7
Something something summer something bonds!
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User Info: R4M5T4R

4 years ago#8

so i played to the two dlc that are least rewarding.
according to what im reading so far, pretty much all the others available right now are worth getting....

thanks for your input guys
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User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#9
I made this list for this occasion.

Champions of yore set-

Micahia and a item on her that teaches the all stats+2 skill.

The three maps in the gold pack give you.

A field where you can make insane amounts of money easy.
A field where you can grind for lots of xp.
A field that contains lots of powerful item, a silver card, and the unit Eltshan

King vs King/Lost Blood lines set -

Alm with the demon scroll which when used allows you access to the demon fighter class.
Seliph and a item that teaches you a skill the paragon skill.

Red vs Blue set -

Erika with the brides bouquet which when used allows you access to the bride class.
Lyn and a item that teaches you the Iote's Shield skill

Light vs Dark set -

Ike and a item that teaches you the limit breaker skill.

Border between Life and Death Gets you the unit Est.
The five Annas gets you the unit Catria
Labyrinth Pursuit gets you the unit Palla
The strongest name gets you the unit Katrina

Harvest/Summer/Hotsping of bonds is more or less purely fanservice giving certain classes different models (like sorcerers in swimtrunks/bikinis during the summer of bonds) and gives characters that didn't have support conversations a chance to talk and speak together.

Future of Despair is story expansion taking place in an alternate future.

For the record buying 2 DLC in a pack is the same price as an actual pack so if you plan to get 2 of the DLC in a pack just buy the pack. It will essentially be buy two get one free that way.
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User Info: Lord Ephraim

Lord Ephraim
4 years ago#10
Character DLC

Champions of Yore-
Marth: It's free now, might as well get it
Roy: Not worth it
Miciah: +2 stats manual is kind of cool and a character that can use dark magic outside of its own class.

Lost Bloodlines-
Lief: Skip, not worth it
Alm: Gives the Demon Fighter Class
Seliph: Paragon manual. Double exp is nice when you want to focus on maxing stats out asap

Red vs. Blue -
Elincia: Skip, not worth it
Lyn: Skip, Iote's Shield is not that good
Eirika: Gives the Bride Class

Light vs. Dark
Ephraim: The first real postgame map without the requirement of min/maxing abilities
Celica: Skip, or skip Ephraim and take this.
Ike: Gives the limit breaker ability, required for the uber strongest one DLC.

Exp, Gold, Infinite Legendary Weapons

If you plan on doing any Lunatic+ run, get these. You'll tear out your hair trying to grind (you will need to grind). You can skip Infinite Regalia though.

Harvest, Spa, Beach of Bonds

If you enjoy character interaction and fanservice (for both guys and gals), picking these up is worth it. There's no actual rewards for doing these besides fun.

Future of Despair

Gives backstory on a world not really explained upon in the game. It's spoilery to go into details but if you played the game, you probably have a general idea what it's about.

Ultimate Training

Gimmicky maps and features The Strongest One DLC, in which enemies have super jacked up stats and abilities. If you really want to say you conquered the game, this is the DLC do it. You get three crappy pegesas knights and Katarina from FE12. The reward is the challenge, not the characters.
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