Opinions on Vaike x Sully

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User Info: Zetsuke

4 years ago#1
I figure with this pairing, I'll get a Kjelle who ends as a Great Knight or General who ends with:


I'm not sure about the last slot. I figure with Aegis and Pavise, Kjelle won't be taking a whole lot of damage, so Counter might not be that useful. What do you guys think?
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User Info: EvilStorm238

4 years ago#2
Yeah, Counter seems kind of useless if she's also going to have Pavise and Aegis.
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User Info: Kouban

4 years ago#3
Counter's nearly useless on heavies. Unless you plan to have Kjelle end in Assassin, I'd recommend Axefaire, personally.
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  3. Opinions on Vaike x Sully

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