Emmeryn or Yenfay next?

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  3. Emmeryn or Yenfay next?

User Info: Lynx12

4 years ago#1
We just got Walhart. Who's next up on the list?

User Info: Nowujalo

4 years ago#2
Should be Emmeryn since her paralouge is number 20

Tagged just incase for the Gamefaq babies
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User Info: SamuraiLloyd

4 years ago#3
I think it's Emmeryn then Yen'Fay
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User Info: EvilStorm238

4 years ago#4
SamuraiLloyd posted...
I think it's Emmeryn then Yen'Fay

Yup, then Aversa and finally, Priam.
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  3. Emmeryn or Yenfay next?

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