Which characters do you dislike or hate?

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  3. Which characters do you dislike or hate?

User Info: Munchkinator

4 years ago#61

really most of the shepherds I ditched as soon as I could. Maribelle is pretty much a walking ball of dumb sterotypes but at least she's sort of funny if you're willing to be tolerant of that stuff whereas Sumia is 1d LOL CHROM, Cordelia doesn't even have a full dimension of LOL CHROM, Miriel is boring... Stahl isn't actually that bad really but I've yet to find any reason to actually use or like him.

I don't really like Vaike, either, but at least he's a solid unit and CAN be funny so I kinda stick him in the same boat as Maribelle - I never use him, but he's... tolerable.
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User Info: ksemanr

4 years ago#62
Vaike and Sully. I like every other playable character.

Non-playable characters I really dislike the Oliver wanna be (Oliver is awesome however) and Validar. Validar because he has no character as a villain, not because his character is detestable or anything.

On the other end, if there were any non-playable characters I would make playable it would be Cervantes and Old Hubba.
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User Info: saturn_frogurt

4 years ago#63
This Severa hate is honestly very surprising. Being a tsundere usually puts a character pretty high in terms of popularity.

Not that I'm complaining. All tsunderes must be exterminated!
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  3. Which characters do you dislike or hate?

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