First MU "S" Ranked conversation ?

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User Info: Koishi_Komeiji

4 years ago#41
Sully. Her stats ended up terrible, so I eventually benched her.

But Kjelle turned out amazing, so no loss.
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User Info: Ryoukai

4 years ago#42

Well, it hasn't happened yet, but well.. yeah.
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#43
Lissa, but once I saw Nowi I restarted.
I love Nowi!!!
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User Info: bearclaw13

4 years ago#44
Lissa >_>
*is insane*

User Info: lilin08

4 years ago#45
My MU's S Ranked conversation on my first playthrough was with Libra.
Going to create another Avatar , going after Chrom on my second playthrough.
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User Info: WraithX_959

4 years ago#46
Lissa. Owain could only be the offspring of MU.

User Info: RuneArcanis

4 years ago#47
Nowi, I wanted my daughters to be dragons. Next time, I'll wait for Nah.

User Info: Estebest

4 years ago#48
Tharja. Was really drawn to her for some reason; I don't normally care for that type of character.
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User Info: Kalanyr

4 years ago#49
Crom. Which was not my original plan, was going to do Olivia!Lucina but decided to see how the scene played out with FeMU instead and at that point I was like "Right then, Olivia can wait until I do a playthrough with Male Avatar".

User Info: Pinxed

4 years ago#50
Tiki. I wanted a manakete, and +7 defense Nah. Was well worth it.
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