I feel like I messed up and now can't win fights

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  3. I feel like I messed up and now can't win fights

User Info: damienw

4 years ago#1
I'm only on chapter 5 and I keep getting my ass handed to me every fight I take. Whether it's a random battle, the free DLC map or trying to recruit, they pretty much run roughshod over me.

And of course I picked Classic, so I have had to quit out several times because I don't wanna lose 5 people in a battle.

User Info: sabeta_sama

4 years ago#2
What difficulty are you playing?
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User Info: CarefreeDude

4 years ago#3
What difficulty? Are you using pair up? you shouldn't have much issue with pair ups on the DLC. If you are having problems, have Chrom pair up with Freddy, and then have freddy clear the entire DLC map a bunch of times until he is much more powerful, and then use him as a pair up buddy for everyone else to get them up to speed.
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User Info: RenamonFOX

4 years ago#4
It's possible you didn't "mess up", but I don't know what difficulty you're on, or how your experience is distributed.

Chapter 5 is very hard, and practically requires you get the rescue staff from Paralogue 1.

If you can't beat anything, you may want to consider grinding on SpotPass teams (Florina), or using the Golden Gaffe/EXPonential Growth maps to power up a bit.
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User Info: Baebunni

4 years ago#5
Actually I was able to do it by sending a paided up mounted unit up first, someone that could take down the myra, then sent virion for mopup

User Info: sabeta_sama

4 years ago#6
I don't know how skilled you are with the game, so I'll drop this bit of advice.
If you plant a single powerful enemy in the enemy zone, and they can get to him/her, they'll all rush him/her immediately

Meaning, drop Fred on top of everyone and laugh as they all suicide against him.

Another important note, Press X to see the enemies complete attack area. This way you can be sure to get your weaker units out of harms way.
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User Info: damienw

4 years ago#7
I am on normal. My first FE game, but I play tons of SRPGs. I feel really dumb. What I've been doing is pairing up opposite genders to get them started. Like Donnel with the pegasus chick, Chrom and my character, Fred and a lady Knight.

It seems like I have to keep all my characters bunched up to keep em alive at all. And Lissa seems like a good character to use, but then she just gets smoked. Even if I stick her with an armored character for DEF.

User Info: jamonjamon

4 years ago#8
It'd be nice to know the difficulty and play mode, but whatevs.

Something you can do is go over a lower chapter's location (like 1, 2, 3) and open up a Reeking Box to call some risen to that area. Since you are on a lower level area, the Risen that will be there will be lower level as well. That is what I did to grind the hell out of Donnel (the Villager from Paralogue 3) into a Hero. You can just buy a crap-ton of Reeking Boxes and grind to your hearts content or until you feel you are ready to proceed with the actual story stuff.
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User Info: JSH357

4 years ago#9
Are you using the X button to see enemy attack ranges? That should help in keeping your healer out of danger. Don't give up; Fire Emblem games are just hard, but they get easier the farther you go.

User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#10
...In normal you will have ZERO problems with random fights.

They can't even really hurt Chrom or the MU.


Edit: Except for the entombed. Try to pair Chrom with the MU and go to a fort (Act 2 I think?) or someone you want to level with Frederick, you should be fine.
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