Why does everyone hate Taguels?

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  3. Why does everyone hate Taguels?

User Info: Hodou

4 years ago#21
Cornholioam posted...
Why would you get out with beastbane? makes no sense, it only works for Taguels.

Really? Well then get out without it. I never bothered to get it so I had no idea. Not that great of a skill anyway.

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#22
Some people (like me) are just anal like that.

User Info: qynvee

4 years ago#23
I think she's ugly.

User Info: FanFan02

4 years ago#24
I dont hate Taguels.

In fact, Panne is my wife. Taguel Morgan owns pretty much everything (Didn't have much problem range-wise, since i always pair MU + Morgan).

Beastbane owns so much in several chapters against Valm, so it has it uses. The growthrate is not bad at all (She even surpasses her mother), have Ignis, and 30(+11) Speed at level 20, so she doubles everything.

I love my killer bunny daughter.
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#25
Excalibur posted...
...Lack of range? Really? Despite the fact that most all weapons in the game are range 1?

And unlike most of the weapons they don't have 1-2 ranged or brave options, ever
this is significant when going for pure effectiveness
stat boost is nice but nothing special

It's a fun class but nothing great.
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  3. Why does everyone hate Taguels?

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