Lucina's Challenge *spoilers*

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User Info: Kanid

4 years ago#1
So I'm at the point in the game where Lucina just flipped out and said she needs to kill me to save Chrom. I can either accept her judgement or refuse it. What does each option present?
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User Info: OmegChosen

4 years ago#2
Just pick one.

User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#3
whatever you choose, it's not going to change the story. However, if you are in a special relation with her (lover or if you're her mother) she will be unable to go through it if you accept her judgment and it's really heartwrenching as you watch her struggle between her family/love and her desire to save the world.
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User Info: lucky_sharm19

4 years ago#4
Yep. You actually get some unique dialogue if you're married to her.

Of course, I refused her judgement. She was clearly desperate and wasn't thinking rationally.
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