Why are archers in FE so hit or miss?

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  3. Why are archers in FE so hit or miss?

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#41

"Nobody" uses Rescue for Pegasus so that shouldn't count

Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#42
the hell.

this remeinds me of why i hate pair up so much, or at least one of the reasons.
Confession Time!
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User Info: CreepGnome

4 years ago#43
From: guedesbrawl | #039
A huge post

Just substitute "joke or reference" with "his point".

From: DemiseEnd | #032
4: Somehow they were AMAZING in 4, the map structure maybe, Arena being amazing definitely(it was the BIGGEST reason why Archers in 4 lacks all the problem i always had), and Ichival

Archers were good in FE4 because you were able to use all of your units on every map. They didn't need to compete for a deployment slot, and there was no real reason to leave them behind unless they turned out very poorly.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#44
Being able to deploy all =/= being good

Your telling me that POS JohanVa, SlainByEverything Dew, GivesBalmung Patty and POFS Arden is good because you can deploy every unit in the map and theres no reason to not use them unless they fall behind?(well, they ALWAYS fall behind but thats another case)

Theres 4 problem i have with archers(before you forgot that said post is my opinion)

1. Low level issue

Its obvious, one enemy per turn. FE4 solves this with Arena

2. Crap stats

This kinda remains in FE4, but much less so. Jamka with Killer is decent, Midayle has pursuit, and Briggid is made of win

Then part 2 comes around where Lester is better Midayle who starts with..... Brave and Killer and IchiFaval

And Leif if you want to count him, but seriously, Leif is the best Archer in the game by far its not even funny. He is also the best healer, which just shows how broken MK Leif is.

3. No eneny Phase

Canto, and IchiFaval worth the lack of enemy phase anyway....
And Leif is even better

4. Pretty much no reason to use 1-2

Say hi to craptastic HandAxe and Bullcrap Javelin
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

User Info: FDDragoon

4 years ago#45
Neimi disappointed me in 8. Why? 29 HP at level 14 Ranger.

Twenty. Nine. HP.
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