Who actually just enjoys Fire Emblem?

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User Info: PK_Ness

4 years ago#51
Voted for the first option.
I've played 7-10 and now Awakening and each one has managed to get me completely hooked.
I love the series :)

User Info: ShootThatWay

4 years ago#52
I think there was only one Fire Emblem game I loved and hated at the same time, except more hate than love, since I gave up on it. Thracia 776 had to be the biggest headache of all. :x

I got stuck on chapter what's it's face, where you need to save Evwel?(Whatever Brigid)
I didn't prepare enough for the chapter. Didn't make an extra save, and bam. Now I need to start all over from the beginning.
How was I suppose to know I needed a lot of warp and rescues? And the infinite enemy reinforcements? So overkill, since the stats only max out at 20. ;-;

But still, this game had an interesting system. Fatigue and capturing enemies.

Objectives like escaping happens often Thracia 776, just because Leaf's army isn't as good as Celice's. I think there was like 3 chapters where you had to escape from prison and one where you had to retreat into a castle because infinite enemy reinforcements will eventually overwhelm you. I have to say this game had some crazy stuff in it.

The worst thing is, status effects lasts forever and making Leaf retreat last. :x

User Info: Wild_Mantine

4 years ago#53
Natatteru posted...
FE fanbase too divided? This is tame compared to quite a number of other franchises...

Not really. When some fans claim only about two games in the series are good out of over ten possible titles. Eh.

Anyway, I definitely have my favorites, by I have enjoyed FE in all its' forms.
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User Info: Meteordragon10

4 years ago#54
I've enjoyed most of the Fire Emblems that I have played, though I have yet to play Fire Emblem 2-5 at all (basically NES-SNES games) due to...certain things. I played most of Fire Emblem 1 (NES) but I ended up losing my data around the halfway point, I think. Can't be bothered to redo the thing. I played a bit of Shadow Dragon (DS) as well but for some reason I just found it kind of...boring somehow and quit at some point.

I do enjoy Awakening quite a lot though, but I bet I'd enjoy it less if it didn't have the marriage system and all the supports. I know these are optional things but I really do like seeing all the characters interact with others.

User Info: Mujika1991

4 years ago#55
Jack_the_monke7 posted...
Because lets be honest, other than maybe Thracia and Geneology, all of the Fire Emblem games are extremely similar. I guess thats why the rampart hatred around here baffles me.
Ehmm, sorry what ?? ppl are really that blind..

User Info: Hejiru206

4 years ago#56
"Enjoying" a video game? Are you mad, sir?
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User Info: Jack_the_monke7

4 years ago#57
Tinyosi posted...
Jack_the_monke7 posted...
AuroraSilverain posted...
If you don't mind me asking, what's the problem people have with people favoring the Kanto region and calling them 'genwunners' all insulting-like just for that? I always see people acting that way and it's sad because it's like people aren't allowed to have opinions.

They do this for people who like FE7 best too, along with the whole 'nostalgia goggles' commen

I really don't get it. All that hate just because of what a persons favorite game happens to be. If it was only people who were obnoxious about it but just simply liking Gen 1 or FE7 should not be grounds to hate people.

If you like FE7 more thats fine, but don't go around acting like its story/cast/gameplay was all that different from the others.

While I agree with what you are saying generally, the way you kind of word it seems off.

I feel you can actually considering an older game better than a newer one as long as they did things differently. The amount or complex things in newer games does not necessarily mean it is "better by nature".

In the example of Pokemon, my favorite is Gen 3. And I would fully argue that it is indeed the best one. Will I admit some of my love of it is because its the one I played most as a kid? Yes, but I played it that much because of how good I found it. I would definitely consider it better than black and white and etc, because the things that can make one better are subjective. If someone feels the addition of more pokemon/different graphics/etc is detrimental to the game, I think that is within their right to believe.

I mainly bring this up because even though FE7 is NOT my favorite FE, I love me some Hector. I do consider him, probably, my personal favorite lord. I am not offended by what you say, but the way you worded your response seemed fishy. Like the simple fact that fans of it like Hector or the other characters is just "wrong" but its okay to be "wrong" or something.

Your opinions on this and the previous matter of FE are very good and eloquently said, I am not attacking you in any form. It just seems like instead of pushing a "Opinions are what make a game the best to you" agenda, you are saying "You can like whatever one you want as long as you admit the others are actually better than the one you like."

For reference, my favorite is actually PoR of the ones I have played. I guess I just am saying: Like whatever game you want, and if a game is your favorite, consider it best!

Just don't be a **** about it(Not you, people who fit the "genwunners" archetype)

I get what you''re saying. I don't mean that people have to admit others are better than their favorite because you are right; each Fire Emblem game is unique and it is perfectly justifiable to like any one game over any other for any decent reason. I guess part of the reason I may come off as a bit "fishy" is because to be honest I'm really not a big fan of FE7. I didn't really like any characters and I couldn't get into the story at all. Its still ok if others love the game, even I still like it just because it has that great fire emblem gameplay and style. Really, I'm just tired of people who bash games like Shadow Dragon and Sacred Stones. it's like someone else said, things are bad when the series has 13 games and half the fanbase hates half of them.

On a side note, the third generation of Pokemon also happens to be my least favorite lol. Mostly because I really don't like many of the Pokemon designs.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#58
Honzou posted...
I don't get it... If Pair Ups and Second Seals are so bad why use them?

Mechanic wise Second seals just allows customization, and in higher difficulty runs second seals function to cover the classes of allies that you lost.

Pair up mechanic might be a bit strong but it doesn't need to be removed, some tweaking to values could make it okay.

The complaints about Second seals and Pair ups blatantly stupid complaints. And would be comparable to people complaining In SMT Strange Journey that the game is easy cause you can carry ya demon compendium/gold/items over ya new play through.

It just makes no sense. If you don't like it then stick with the 20 level of the base class and only use Mastery seals.

Complaining about more options.... Some people's children..

Because they shove the Pair Up mechanic down your throat. The entire game is balanced around Pair Up existing. Heck, its impossible to have two units side by side without getting bonuses or a possibility of free "lol no damage 4 u" blocks.

Second Seals? Blatantly break the game, AND they (very poorly) balanced the highest difficulties around them. Take a good look at Lunatic Mode. They made so that once you get to a certain point, you either must grind (and abuse second seals so you have unlimited EXP), or you have to use Second Seals to change as many people into Sorcerers as possible.

They are not "blatantly stupid complaints", they are what smart people point at as critical flaws in the game. Its impossible to play Awakening like a normal FE. Let me repeat that: impossible. There is no way you're going to be able to go through the entire game without two units being side by side and getting random free extra attacks or avoiding damage out of it. And for those of us who normally like trying to beat our FE games on the highest difficulty, the idea of trying to go through the game without abusing the living daylights out of those two mechanics are simply laughable. Heck, Chapter 1 right off the bat, on turn one you don't enough enough room for everybody to be out of enemy range on Lunatic. You MUST pair up in order to keep people safe.

Its not "more options" when its a requirement. Very poorly implemented, horrifically balanced things that have no place in FE.
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