do the people on the world map return or disappear?

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  3. do the people on the world map return or disappear?

User Info: canton kid

canton kid
4 years ago#1
so i just beat chapter 4 and theres quite a few units on the world map, 2 are just selling goods and 1 offers me to battle.... the thing is though that the one wanting to battle is level 14 characters and i get slaughtered

if i dont batle them right away do they disappear? if they do will that particular unit eventually return?
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User Info: dadkwashere

4 years ago#2
If you go to bonus box in the wireless setting of the menu, you can summon old characters. I recommend mist or florina for how easy they are.
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User Info: DBogatz

4 years ago#3
There are a few types of "random" units that pop up on the world map.

Merchants - These offer typically difficult to find goods. They last for a limited time, and will eventually disappear after you either buy something, or don't go to them. Buying anything is up to you, but you may want to purchase any Master/Second seals you see early in the game, as those are difficult to come by.

Risen - These are random skirmish type maps whose only purpose is to provide some EXP/loot/challenge. Fighting them is entirely optional. If you fight them they will disappear. If you don't, they will disappear after a certain amount of time.

Streetpass - These are other people's Awakening teams which you have acquired via streetpass. Please search Streetpass for more info.

Spotpass - These will only appear if you have summoned them via the wireless option.

Note that time is defined by the passage of real time, not game time (levels) although the game only checks for the passage of time at certain instances, one of which off the top of my head is I think any time you see a barracks event.

User Info: Meteordragon10

4 years ago#4
To actually answer your question, yes. Those units do disappear after awhile. Those are merchants and "risen" aka the undead by the way. They are usually show up automatically every once in awhile on random parts of the map. I do not know if the same exact risen will show up again though, but I have yet to run into a duplicate when facing them.
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  3. do the people on the world map return or disappear?

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