"But don't you see?!"

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User Info: tehponycorn

4 years ago#21
One's would describe you as stabulous.

I'm an archer, the archest or archers

die with magnificence!

all from virion.
Does your SSB4 roster have Shulk?...No....Then I hate it.
An Epic Fail is failing Like a Boss

User Info: Solblade44

4 years ago#22
GT: Solblade44

User Info: Twenty0ne

4 years ago#23
Wh- Whaaat?
M's 2014

User Info: _BTT_

4 years ago#24
Now THAT'S strategy!
Blades will bleed. Shields will shatter. But as the light fades, will The Hero rise again? Or will Darkness reign? ~ Zelda TP Trailer 1

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

4 years ago#25
No hard feelings!
"I just beat Mag-Freaking-Neto! Where yo curly mustache at?!" - Deadpool
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#26
Do you like darkness ?

User Info: asdfggghh1

4 years ago#27

WAIT. Wrong game.
My balls do not blend.

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#28
"I'm a man."
My 25 Most Favorite Games (and other tops)- http://www.unikgamer.com/members/strawberryeggs-786.html

User Info: TheChosenKokiri

4 years ago#29
Teach just got tenure

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#30
When did i grow that ?
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  3. "But don't you see?!"

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