Which couples do you like based off of support conversations (NOT stats)?

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  3. Which couples do you like based off of support conversations (NOT stats)?

User Info: Spikaya

4 years ago#21
daytonthegreat posted...
Male Avatar x Tharja (This pairing also blends quite well with the storyline)

Because Tharja's totally mentioned in the storyline besides the chapter in which you get her, yes.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#22
Female Avatar x Chrom - The changes to the story are great (chapter 21 especially), and it makes more sense for Chrom to put her above the world's safety if she's his wife. True the supports use the tired old "walking in on someone bathing" trope, but I rather like the S one.

Nah x Morgan - Barring the use of Schrodinger's Gun so that many of the second generation characters happen to have a long time crush on the person they're supporting, I still think it's cute that Nah and Morgan were crushing on each other before their supports. I don't know why Naga deemed it necessary (kind of seems unfair) to get these two to realize their feelings for each other, but I find it really sweet all the same. Morgan is also one of the few people Nah isn't initially abrasive to.

Ricken x Maribelle - A rescue romance between childhood friends. It's cute that Ricken really liked Maribelle for a long time and Maribelle was too nervous to up and admit she loves him, thus the "I can restore your family's name" ploy.

Sully x Stahl - Sully helps to improve the extremely average Stahl and he respects her as a soldier and as a woman. Though he doesn't think he can live up to being the Panther, he's fallen in love in Sully and she loves him back. It may not be as romantic as the other ones I listed, but a relationship built on mutual respect is nice, too.

Gerome x Cynthia - Once again, it's not as sweet as I initially thought since it seems that Cynthia and most of the other children have multiple crushes (once again, I'm chalking this up to Schrodinger's Gun), but I still like it. They were childhood friends, they both liked each other for a long time, but Gerome is too bashful to admit it and not realize that Cynthia is crazy about him. It's also sweet that she taught him how to fly and he's wanted to impress her since then.

Some other pairing that I also like, though not as much as the above are Gregor x Cordelia, Brady x Noire, Lon'qu x Panne, and even Henry x Tharja ("he's insane, but I'm not not exactly normal. Maybe this is the perfect match?")
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User Info: RoloL

4 years ago#23
Gaius and Nowi is hilarious.

User Info: Private_Noob

4 years ago#24
Lon'Qu and Cherce, ESPECIALLY their S conversation.
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User Info: dadkwashere

4 years ago#25
Gerome X Cynthia. If that isnt awesome I dont know what is.
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User Info: Luminozero

4 years ago#26
Strawberry_Eggs posted...

I agree with almost all of those, for the same reasons actually.

I'll add in:

Lucina/Inigo: It really delves into Inigo's 'Always Smile' attitude, and I find it incredibly touching when Lucina rips into him in the B support, and then spends the A support feeling terrible about it. Combined with Inigo's supports with his father, where he reveals why he acts the way he does, it really comes off as being incredibly sweet.

Also: http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/8641/inigo1.png

Henry/Sumia: I hate Sumia, I really do. She is a pathetic waste of a character that exists only to be a 'default' option for Chrom. Even Cordellia has more personality then her. That said, I actually managed to like her a little bit when she supported with the awesomeness that was Henry.

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Ah black magic, you make such good supports.

Nowi/Donnel: I gotta admit, Donnel's voice starts to wear on me sometimes. But I cannot get over their supports. The child and the ancient who acts like a child, they really do make an excellent pair.
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User Info: Solnua

4 years ago#27
Spikaya posted...
daytonthegreat posted...
Male Avatar x Tharja (This pairing also blends quite well with the storyline)

Because Tharja's totally mentioned in the storyline besides the chapter in which you get her, yes.

There's actually some extra story that's on the Japanese website, but not in-game. Here's the translated version:


It's basically just about why she's stalking the avatar.

Henry x Sumia is pretty awesome. Body hoppin', wooooo!

Honestly, just about any support with Henry is amazing, as is any support with Morgan.

I rather enjoyed Lon'qu x Maribelle. It's one of the Lon'qu supports that actually shows the step-by-step progress of him overcoming his phobia. Although I was a bit disappointed that his support with Brady didn't begin with him fist-pumping and shouting, "I DID IT!"
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User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
4 years ago#28
Let dat Azel clone get what he wants.

[Inserts things from Gen 2 here]
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User Info: Gigafreak gf

Gigafreak gf
4 years ago#29
It's kinda nice that Avatar(M) x Tharja A-Rank shows that she is perfectly capable of disengaging Creeper Mode when necessary. Though she re-engages it immediately upon confirming that the Avatar's in no danger... I am not sure I want to know what she's planning at the end there, unless it's something harmlessly hilarious and ridiculous... like using her hexes to move his sleeping body and puppet him into playing chess with her. Or making him sleeptalk and revealing the darkest secrets of dental floss!

If Avatar(F)'s pet name for Frederick is "Freddy Bear," and she's trying to train him to eat bear meat, does that make him some kinda metaphorical plush-stuffed cannibal?

User Info: AJKirchner88

4 years ago#30
Lon'que x Nowi was amazing! I thought it'd be terrible but it ended up being really cute/funny.
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