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User Info: YOSHI475

4 years ago#1
So I just finished my first play through and just kinda went for the fun of it. There were a few things I missed. For example the archer class. I could never really find A use for them They seem to be totally outclassed by the magic users because unlike the magic users they can't attack back when they are hit by a unit directly right next to them. So now I am going to go back through the game and before I do I just wanna know is there a good use for the archers that I am just failing to see.

User Info: Goodguy28

4 years ago#2
I use virion for the longbow. Had him be a bow knight for a while. He was pretty good as a backup cavalier. Worked fine for me, at least.

Pegasus knights and fliers in general are the classes I just never use.
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User Info: YOSHI475

4 years ago#3
I tried using Sumia for a while but she just seemed a little fragile. I don't know if she gets better as she levels but I just stopped using her. Also the whole falling on her face thing got old QUICK lol.

User Info: Enju

4 years ago#4
well regarding archers they can become bow knights which do get to use a sword so they can attack at close range (though not on the enemy's turn unless they're equipped with a sword) now if it's all possible to get counter on archer that would pretty much cover their weakness of not being able to counter at close range and while magic does seem to be overall more useful (and overpowered) archers can smack down flyers and the long bow/ blessed bow can make them more fun

(if they could get it renewal would be a great skill for archers too)
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User Info: Misha-Heart

4 years ago#5
Lunatic+. You'll learn to worship Virion as much as Frederick on that mode.
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