Give me a pair of characters that don't support and I'll tell you what happens.

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  3. Give me a pair of characters that don't support and I'll tell you what happens.

User Info: ryugin55

4 years ago#81
bump because I want to see MaleMU and FeMU
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User Info: Rougefan

4 years ago#82
Anna and Say'ri
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User Info: blueman164

4 years ago#83
bearclaw13 posted...
blueman164 posted...
bearclaw13 posted...
blueman164 posted...
If it hasn't been done yet, I want to see C, B, and A supports of Lucina and Cordelia.

And S.

NOPE. Nope, nope, just C B and A.

YES. Yes. yes. we need an S support.Between Cordelia and Chrom's look alike.

No. Not at all. We do NOT need it, because I already have an S support with Lucina.
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User Info: Grayjack72

4 years ago#84
Another one for MaleMU and FeMU
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"

User Info: SWBF2Pilot

4 years ago#85
HarvestrOfSouls posted...
Strawberry_Eggs posted...
How about Tiki and Nowi?

I am still baffled that this support combo isn't possible in the actual game.


Hmmm how about Anna x Chrom?
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User Info: ryugin55

4 years ago#86
Host of the Annual Gentlemen's Gentlemen Dual 2013

User Info: Lylat_Cruiser

4 years ago#87
MM125 posted...
Emm and Lissa, with S support.

C: Lissa sees Emmeryn and calls out to her "EEEEEEEMM!" Emmeryn is shocked and sees Lissa coming her way. Emmeryn asks Lissa how she may help her. Lissa only wants to talk to her sister whom she thought was dead this whole time. Emmeryn is sorry that she cannot remember her relationship to Lissa as her sister and starts crying. Lissa is very sorry that she keeps bringing up that fact and tells Emmeryn that it's okay and that she doesn't care if she remembers them being siblings and that she will always consider her her sister. Emmeryn *sniffs and thanks Lissa.

B: Emmeryn asks Lissa how she lost her memory. Lissa is very hesitant as it brings up a tragic memory. Emmeryn tells her that if she cannot than it is alright. Lissa tells her that she can't and that it would probably be for the best. Emmeryn asks Lissa if they could do the things that Lissa used to do with the past Emmeryn to which Lissa replies is a good idea. Lissa tells her that she will have something ready for them next time.

A: Lissa and Emmeryn are in the kitchen cooking. Yeah and Lissa tells Emmeryn that the past Emmeryn always cooked some good desserts with her. Emmeryn tells her that she does not know any recipes. Lissa tells her that it will PROBABLY come back to her like instinct. Lissa hands Emmeryn an egg tells Emmeryn that she made great cookies. Emmeryn is not sure what to do with the egg. Lissa tells her that the first step to do is to crack the egg open. Emmeryn holds up the egg and smashes the egg with her palm! Lissa has that shocked face! Emmeryn asks Lissa "like this?" Lissa is disappointed and says "Maybe this isn't such a good idea..." Emmeryn says that she is starting to get the hang of this. Lissa says to herself "Okay next time we are not cooking."

S: *Violins play* Lissa is out in the field camping with Emmeryn around a campfire. Lissa tells Emmeryn that back when Emmeryn had her memories, Chrom, Frederick, and them used to go out camping on nights like these. Emmeryn asked Lissa where they are. Lissa tells her that Chrom could not make it because he was training with someone and Frederick could not make it because he had to do rounds around the camp. Lissa also points out that it was nice of Frederick to make the camp fire at least. Emmeryn asks Lissa if she brought the cookies she made the other day. Lissa has them and offers Emmeryn some. Lissa is amazed and tells Emmeryn that even though the shapes are all distorted, the cookies turned out to taste great. With flies flying around them Lissa takes a bite and starts coughing! "Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!" Emmeryn is shocked and goes over to Lissa and tries to help her. Lissa is still coughing and has a bug in her mouth. Emmeryn is left with no other choice. violins stop!
** PLAY--> **

She brings herself face to face with Lissa and wraps her lips around Lissa's and sticks her tongue inside Lissa's mouth hoping to get the bug with her tongue. Lissa again has that shocked face, WITH BLUSH, and is SPEECHLESS! Emmeryn managed to get the bug out and draws her face away from Lissa's and tells her that she got the bug out. Both are speechless as to what happened. Lissa asks Emmeryn what they should do now still shocked. Emmeryn replies with silence...stands up and puts out the fire.
** replace "Jake" with "Emm" PLAY--> **
And they lived happily ever after.
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User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#88
Voice actor joke time.


Give me all teh FE D':
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  3. Give me a pair of characters that don't support and I'll tell you what happens.

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